School Again

Hi Yall! =)

I really haven’t posted much in the last month and even though I want to, situationssss such as grad school, and…well….that’s about it, have prevented me from posting and I have so much to share.

I will say, I am positive that my focus will shift from Fitness and Nutrition to pubic health as a whole. I’m learning how complex being healthy really is. I mean yes I knew that it is multi-dimensional but actually learning about all the factors that go into being healthy and playing that balance game is intense. I think to help me study and also to inform yall, I’ll share some of what I’m learning with the hope that you’ll learn more about public health.  If you have any public health questions let me know!

So yall get ready for some new material!




My leg press is at 180lbs and I’m easily banging out 10-12 reps. I don’t want to cross over into the 200s, but I have tooooo. So in the next 10 days I’ll start on 200 lbs.  My squats are good! I’m going to start BGR Columbia soon so be on the lookout for that! I do miss BGR Philly and their energy, but I’m so looking forward to the ladies in columbia

My left arm is way way WAY weaker than my right so I have to now adjust how I work out my biceps, triceps, shoulders etc because I need to start strengthen my left side so that it is as close to equal as it can get.  My momma is left handed and her right side is weaker, Do you have a weaker side?

Umm here is a quick workout I shared for when I didn’t want to go to the gym and since I have no weights in my apt this is a way that revved up my system.


3-5 rounds

15 Burpees (Squat Thrust)
20 Crunches
12 pushups
25 Squats (Lunge jumps, squat jumps etc)
30 Plank (Plank variation)
20 Russian twists

Get There.


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