Running in Columbia

BGR group anniversary run .

BGR group anniversary run .

I’ve been working out more and harder than I have in a while.  Monday is lower body. Tuesday I’m in class all day. Wednesday is upper body. Thursday is  my night with BGR  and Friday is core with a little left arm training. I want to do yoga on Sunday or Saturday, but I have to find  class/instructor that fits me. So if you’re in Columbia South Carolina and you know of a place that teaches yoga and offers a good price for Saturday…PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I’m going to be focusing on my Thursday’s activities. I started this past week and I plan on continuing my Thursday runs with Black Girls Run! If you’ve been reading the blog you know that I ran with BGR up in Philly and even though I had a to cut out those 5am meet ups I still tried to get out there as much as my schedule allowed.

Well. I’m set with a group and time (unless I get a job and have to stop going) The place to meetup is literally 1.3 miles away driving so I could technically jog over to meet. My goal is to always do 3 miles. Sometimes I get to 2-2.5 and I’m like okay I’m good here. But I don’t have any app/watch that tracks my distance , so if I’m not running with somebody time is my friend, but wait, my ipod shuffle doesn’t have a clock so usually I rely on how my body feels. That lets me know when I’ve done enough, if I can push myself more and usually I do another 10 mins.

BGR group!  nobody was there to take the shot so this was selfie*5 lol

BGR group!
nobody was there to take the shot so this was a super selfie

Once again I’m the youngest out here for BGR, which seems to always be the case, but being around hard working women who are making time to exercise, but they still have a life/family/friends… it’s very encouraging.

This past Thursday I did 4 miles .ooooops. My pace is (what I was told) between 9-10 mins consistently. That’s cool. right? I’m not sure I don’t care, I just run until I deplete my system.  I am going to miss doing the big chill at RU this year, it was my only and favorite 5K, but I won’t be home, additionally, I don’t have anybody to do it with . . .

So if you’re out here in Columbia, please look into BGR, it’s so awesome and I know they want to grow. The ladies are so supportive and that’s one of my favorite reasons for sticking with BGR! We run. We walk. We jog. We wog.

Get There.


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