Why Even Workout?

(safely doing the )Leg Press

(safely doing the )Leg Press

I’ve finally figured it out. I’ve written why I like working out and why I need to run to clear my mind, but yesterday at the gym I FINALLY got why workouts are so necessary.    Lemme give some background info:

Last Thurs/Fri. at USC it was fall break which meantno class.
Yay! but no yay
because I have two huge exams this week. I really want to improve my grades, so I figure I would spend the bulk of the break studying. Thursday I did great.
Friday I woke up SOOOOOO unmotivated and just annoyed with everything. I woke up. Ate. Tried to do biostats then took a 2 hour nap. I woke back up and complained to my friends 🙂 but then Saidah started commenting on my fb page.  At that moment it hit me- oh my gosh people actually relate to this stuff and they want to see it. So that immediately motivated me. (Thank you Saidah I really needed that last week!) Along with the exams, there’s roommate issues and other smaller issues that have been consistently bothering me.  <end background info>

Friday I picked my complaining self up and went to the fitness center. Fridays are my core day so I usually try to skip it because my abs seems so weak, every single exercise is so hard, nonetheless, I went.  I rode the bike while reading my Tamar Braxton Ebony that my mom mailed ( i sooooo miss watching her, but scholarly duty calls and I can catch her online) anyways, about 20 mins of the bike and another 20-30 mins on the mat/ stability ball working the core.

Now what did I figure out? How to study for my exercise physiology exam (Wednesday)  and biostats exam (Thursday) and not feel so overwhelmed and frustrated (part of  intellectual and emotional health). I came up with what to do, how to do it and why I can do it. It is now Tuesday and I am proud to say that I’ve stuck to the plan I made. Tomorrow is the Physiology exam and I feel so prepared. I have about 2-3 more hours of studying today. As for biostats, I’ll dedicate 3-5 hours tomorrow of reviewing and prep, I focused this weekend on biostats so I have to study tomorrow and have faith in my actions on the test.

Every time I workout I figure stuff out. It’s not just clarity it’s also confidence. It’s that self-assuring Jordan you can do this! I never question my epiphanies during/post-workout.  I kinda think it’s freaky.

It is just me? Talk to me!

Get There.


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