The Booty Don’t Lie

“I’m losing weight!-and that’s great. BUT MY BOOTY IS GOING AWAY TOO!!!” Does this sound familiar? Have you been in this predicament? If yes, this post is for you. Please share with your booty losing friends as well.  

you can’t handle alluv thiiss!!

  1.   When most people start exercising with the goal to lose weight, usually cardio is workout of choice. You head to the treadmill, elliptical, bike or hit the pavement walking/wogging. That’s great, that’s awesome. I’d definietly suggest cardio to shed the pounds, BUT I would also suggest resistance training.
  2. Often, new exercisers see weights/machines/ lifting equipment and get really cautious because they either don’t know how to use it, or have had/heard about negative experiences in the past. Well I’m here to let yall know– that’s understandable. I still am super cautious when i go to the gym and plan to use equipment I’ve never used. HOWEVER you always have your body weight.

Lemme school you on your booty:

  • Your booty is a muscle. It is the biggest and most powerful muscle in the body. Yes, this is your butt we are talkiing about. So it is imperative to consistently work it out, not just to have a nice looking booty, but also for health reason.
  • If you are having issues with your trunk, hips, gait etc it may be a simple as working out your glutes.
  • The butt is composed of three muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus  **please see pic below**
  • When you see those older women with saggy bootys and you are saying EWW that ain’t neva gonna be me!!  (then proceeds to look at ya butt as you walk past a window) at one point these older homies said the same thing, but they probably didn’t realize the booty is a muscle it has to be worked out. If nothing happens to it, eventually it starts sagging.  BUT NOW YOU KNOW!! right right!! This Sunday is a glorious day yo!
  • To see improvements in your butt you have to do  stuff (almost) everyday. Start out doing not much and gradually increase reps, sets and yes even add weights. Start with body weight squats, lunges, step ups and various other exercises that will target the glutes.
  • Even on my upper body and core days I will still try to get in 20-60 reps of some booty exercise. Friday is my core day, this week I did step-ups with 17.5 lbs in each hand. Probably two sets of 10-15 (per leg.) Wednesday is my upper body day, I did squats: the resistance on the machine is set at 160. If I’m using a weight I’m doing goblet squats with a 25lb dumbbell or walking lunges with weights.  And I won’t even discuss my Monday leg days!

It takes persistence to see results in your butt and exercises will help. You do not have to lose weight and entirely lose your booty, but know, your glutes are probably a whole bunch of fat and as you’re doing cardio and diligently working out, your booty fat is being burned so it’s not  a bad thing! … you have to build it up with muscle.

If you have ANY questions or concerns OR additional exercises..comment below I wanna hear yall!
Get There.

Below are some resources for building the booty.

The Muscles. Glutes

These are killer!!


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