Peek into Leg Day!!

Good Morning!

I’m sharing my latest video off my YouTube account that I rarely use. At minute 3:28 I speak about what I did in the video. Please note that this was not the WHOLE leg day. It was about 30% I did several sets with the trap bar. I did the leg press, lunges and more sets of the squats. This just a glimpse. If you want to see my weights turn on annotations, but..well I’ll just say here.  Resistance for the squat machine-165. Trap Bar 35lbs each side. Squats and struggle step ups with a 25 pound plate && body weight.  I call them struggle step-ups because I am finding it difficult to get my balance with that height and weight. I know the easy obvious answer is to lower the step and weight, but who doesn’t like a good challenge?


Get There.


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