Black Girls Rock & Your Fitness

BGR 2013

This Sunday on BET was their annual award show entitled “Black Girls Rock” The organization was established to promote the arts for young women of color, as well as to encourage dialogue and analysis of the ways women of color are portrayed in the media. The award show highlights various black girls and women who put in work EVERY DAY! making the world so much better in their own way. This award show has been televised for the pasts 3 years, and every year I’ve loved it, but the 2013 show was by for my favorite. I am so encouraged every year by the messages that the honorees tell the audience- they are very empowering. One of these years I’m getting recognized…believe that!

Often I find myself upset that I don’t have a mentor and figuring with a mentor everything could really be great because this mentor would be able to help me off the ropes and steer me through the system and I won’t have so many failure. But I think about what I’ve done thus far, and I didn’t have a mentor! I’ve had people who recognized what I love to do, recognize that I can do it well and are willing to step out on faith and use my skills…. NO mentor was there! I have to have faith in myself.

I was reminded once again that you have to be a catalyst for change. Waiting around for someone to offer a hand, being disappointed in past failures and fearing the future won’t get you anywhere in life. Queen Latifah had a great quote ”

Never let anyone tell you that you should stand behind them. You are the leader, you stand in front…Whatever it is that you do, you have to give back.

So …. What’s the connection between Black Girls Rock and your fitness?? Work hard! You don’t know who is watching you to see you succeed. You don’t know how far you can get if you do not quit. Every honoree had their share of challenges and tribulations, but giving up was never an option. Set a goal (or few) that will eventually force you out your comfort zone. It is so rewarding to know that, while you were doing what you said you would do and sticking to your goals, somebody is watching and getting encouraged whether you know it or not.  And even is nobody is watching you, you accomplished it! SHOOT!!

Blacks Girls Rock, and so do you. [iRock, I know that much.] No matter what, keep going after your dreams and goals. I am. And one day yall will see me up there.

Get There.

PS: Ava DuVernay’s speech at the Independent Film Fest has totally transformed how I am thinking about life.

If yall watch let me know how you feel now.



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