Alvin Ailey II at USC

Wednesday November 6th at 7pm Alvin Ailey II came to the Koger Center For the Arts here at USC. (University of South Carolina)

I went and I loved it! I last saw an Ailey show Dec 28, 2011 ( my 22nd B-day) in NYC. This was the Ailey II trop, but just as amazing. They had an injury to a dancer so I believe they didn’t perform “We” I’m not sure though. The show went as followed, “The External Knot”, “We”, “Rusty”, && “Revelations”  Under the artistic direction of Troy Powell.  Starting off  with External Knot was great! I loved it!

Every time I leave a dance show I always say to myself, Crap I should been a dancer and not an athlete. Every. Fricking. Time. I promise yall!!! So this means after I graduate I have to get involved in some dance classes, preferably Modern Dance. (At RU, I took 2 semesters my sophomore year && they were the best classes I’ve taken ++ best teacher) One of the best things about dancers are their body. I would be absolutely foolish to say professional athletes have better bodies than professional dancers. I’ve posted a slide show below of some dancers. Now she isn’t an Ailey dancer, she’s does ballet and have yall ever seen Misty Copeland??!! oh my gooosh!!  Gorg && so built–such a role model too.

just look at her shape

just look at her shape

There was a solo dance in Revelations where the dancer was on the floor and I keep screaming to myself ABS! ABS! ABS! AHHH he basically did a whole entire ab workout with style & grace!   Dancers are amazingly fit. I feel like they hit muscles that people who go to the gym don’t always activate. You just have to be impressed with dancers.

To add icing to the already great show, the ladies who sat next to me were soo sweet & welcoming- southern hospitality at its finest!

Get There.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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