Tabata Training

Okay I get it. You don’t have time.  Yes I’m finally admitting people, yall, might not have time to workout for 30, 40, 50 mins. And I’m totally cool with that. Life is crazy! I’m not gonna throw in any stats about 30 mins being 2% of your day, nah I’m not gonna be that person…. 😉 but there is a solution.

Plank Jacks


What is it? Tabata training is a part of high intense interval training that is uber popular and great. It is a total of 4 minutes (more if you want of course)

Soooo what is it?? 20 secs of intense, HIGH intense training. 10 secs rest. With a total of 8 rounds. [ download an app, they usually have a free one so you don’t have to worry about the time)

Well is it good for you? Short answer: Yes. Long answer:  Yes because you receive many health benefits to your aerobic (cardiovascular)  and anaerobic (strength & power) system. You are putting short, but an intense amount of stress on the body

Is it safe? Let me put it this way: This is intense work for 2o secs at a time. I really want yall to understand that- it’s going to hurt and burn, but it’s a total of 4 minutes (with a warm-up first!!)  If you go all out and do a real tabata workout, it might not be safe if you are fairly new to exercising. HOWEVER, You can play with the intervals. You can play with the exercises. You know your body and when it’s no longer a good stress on your body and when it is getting to unsafe territory.

If you workout and you think you’re starting to plateau, not see any results, this is great. If you are short on time, a tabata-like workout would be great! If you are new, tabata may not be the right option, however, working out at a high intensity then low for a shorter time then back to high, is a great option for fat loss… and muscle gain! 

I’ve trained clients using tabata at a track, all out 20 sec sprint. You can do this using a bike, treadmill, rowing machine etc. 10 sec break. I’ll actually ping that post [HERE] Check it out! I know I threw in some squats and lunges too.  And YES you can use weights, Most definitely! Below are almost all body weight exercises.

Should I switch up my exercises? YES! In any exercising you want variation. Even if you do the same workout m-w-f. Don’t do the same thing day in and day out.

Sooo what exercises do I use???  MANY!  MOST! (links included)

Here are some more insane amazing exercises:

You Can and should start using your first step, then increase height.


Best of luck, with these man.

These are rough.

Share your workout below! Question…ask em tooo =)

Get There.


2 thoughts on “Tabata Training

  1. Audrey

    Thanks for the post. I love that gif of the woman on the step. I can feel the burn in her thighs and she looks great!


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