My New Numbers- update

A few months ago (Sept) I decided to increase my numbers in regards to the weight I use for my lower body workouts. My initial/baseline results are  on this post and also listed below along with my goals

Sooo  here we go:

As of 8/25/13

  • Single Leg Press- 65lbs
  • Double Leg Press- 125 lbs
  • Leg extension/curl- 65 lbs
  • [Back] Deep Squat- 70lbs
  • Lunges & step Ups -w/15lbs in each hand

My goals for December:

  • Single Leg Press- 85lbs
  • Double Leg Press- 180lbs
  • Leg Curl/Extension- 80 lbs
  • Deep Squat- 90 lbs
  • Lunges / step ups- 25 lbs

I have met or exceeded all my goals. I am sooooo happy about that. Additionally, yesterday I got a body fat skin caliper test which is the “gold standard”.  GUESS WHAT MY BODY FAT PERCENTAGE IS?!?!?!?   16.08% which means I’m placed in the lean category.


Go Jordan Go Jordan Go Go!

So back to my lower body strength goals. This is where I am right now! 

  • Leg Press- 220 lbs
  • Single Leg Press- (Stopped doing these because I wanted to protect my knees)
  • Leg Curl-115 lbs
  • Leg Extension- 80 lbs
  • Step ups/lunges- 25 lbs
  • Deep Back Bar Squat- 95 lbs

yaaayRight now I’m up about 7 pounds from August. I wanted to gain weight, I even wrote about it! But it actually happened! *woot woot* My clothes fit differently, a good different and I feel confident about my new eating habits.

So that’s a little update! I’m really happy with it. Upper body has also improved too, don’t think that I’m just having leg days every day…. nah that’s wack!  1 leg day. 1 upper body day.  1 core day. 1 cardio day. 1 misc day. 2 rest days.

Have a great day! Keep striving for your goals!

Get There.


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