What do I do if I don’t have trainer, but I want to lose weight?

This is about how to get started without a personal trainer.  Often I have people who want to get started losing weight, but are lost on where to begin so I’m here to leave some starter points.

The first thing to do is to be committed, if you meet a trainer or if you are telling somebody you want to lose weight, but really have no intention of changing your unhealthy habits then don’t say anything. Just keep doing what you do, HOWEVER, if you have finally committed to changing your lifestyle *Remember this is not a diet* then keep on reading!

  1. Figure out why you are doing this? The best answer is to do it for you. I’m losing weight  for myself.  I, ________, want to eat healthy to feel better for MYSELF. Don’t do it for your mama, don’t do it for your man. Don’t do it for your lady. Don’t do it to get back at an ex… that’s an added benefit!
  2. Set goals. Set goals. SET GOALS! I cannot say this enough. Set weekly goals. Set monthly goals. Set short term goals. Set long term goals. If you need to, set daily goals. This will enable you to see where you want to go and set a pace to get it. Set goals for your diet and goals for your fitness. Your goals can be simple or complex, but they need to be realistic and achievable. Right now you shouldn’t say I want to lose 5o pounds by Valentines day. A realistic goal could be, I want to start eating 2 servings of vegetables a day and I want to add 30 minutes of walking(brisk walking) in my schedule- 15 in the morning and 15 minutes in the evenings for 3 days for 2 weeks.  PLEASE set goals. I will go over your goals, if you would like. This is sooooo crucial to accomplishing  what you set out to do.

    This is important

  3. Ask for help. I know I’m always available and if you use twitter/facebook/other social media sites there are trainers that want you to ask questions and want you to keep talking about what you’re doing. Do not be afraid to reach out [ to people who know what they are talking about also!]
  4. Do you have a support system? You need a support system- whether your moma, child, co-workers, family etc are supporting you- you need to have someone who is your cheerleader and someone who YOU respect enough who will tell you when you’re slipping and you need to get your life back on track.  Now a days there are blogs such as wordpress or tumblr that people use to document their journey. I am definitely a fan of this!  Just know losing weight and eliminating negative behaviors are difficult and you will struggle.  Mind. Over. Matter.  Everyday wake up and tell yourself you can do this.
  5. Motivation. There are motivational posts, there are motivational pictures and memes, there are motivational videos. You can motivate yourself.  You have to have will  to get this done.
  6. Set backs will happen. Yup you’re gonna have stressful days when you run off and eat ice cream on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. damnit. You are going to be exhausted and miss a day of workout. Listen it happens. We all slip up. During the school year, especially during exam season I am a food monster. Yikes. It happens to all of us. A set back is not a failure.  A set back is a set back, you get distracted && you aren’t as focused..it happens.  Shrug it off and hop back on the wagon the next day

Those are some starter points. I’m always available, always. Hit me up on any social media site.  Believe in yourself and get excited about this next chapter! I am so confident if you set your mind to it, it will get done.

Get There. New Levels.


2 thoughts on “What do I do if I don’t have trainer, but I want to lose weight?

  1. jasmine

    I read it, I agree and Im ready…I’ve been doing good for two weeks but I need some structure lol


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