New Year, New You?

Every year on social media you’ll hear this phrase “New Year, New Me”  and every yeeeeeeear the same people say it, then these people go into the new year doing the same stuff & are confused and frustrated why this year didn’t provide good fortune & lots of opportunities.

It seems like I’m totally against this phrase and I am not, not in the least. I believe that you can enter the new year and get brand new, but with everything in life- consistency is key. I don’t have the new year new me mentality going on right now, but I know there are several tasks I want to accomplish this year that will definitely help me become a better person.  This post isn’t to provide a checklist or advice.  This is the take home message:



It’s cool to be excited for the new year, it’s great to tell everyone that this upcoming year is YOUR year, but remember that you have to work hard, there will be trials and successes and most importantly, let your actions speak for you! I’m channeling my grandmom with these old timey sayings– “the proof is in the puttin’ ” or “growin up ain’t for sissies” , but they are very true. Expect and demand the most out of yourself.   Everyday work towards improving yourself, your craft, your business, your family or whatever it is you are aiming to do.   

For me, it is New Year, New Work Ethic.. it sounds super wack so I won’t say it again, but check on me throughout the year and see if my actions are speaking for me.  I hope so because I am really putting myself on blast here.  One thing I WILL do is start climbing; that’s a biggie for a fitness goal. I don’t have a nutrition goal yet. If anybody wants to do something together I might be down.  I really want to clear my face up so that’s 100% nutrition related.

Happy 2014 All!   I’m excited about school and life for this new year and I cannot wait to share my health/fitness experiences!  Leave some comments below about your 2014! Be on the lookout for my fitness/health goals of 2014  && recap of 2013 goals!!

Get There. New Levels.




2 thoughts on “New Year, New You?

  1. SomerEmpress

    Want something different? Then, you’ve got to DO something different! Ain’t no other way, woman! You know this! Onward to 2014. Get.It.Girl!


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