I took a month off & It was great!

Happy 2014!

Dec 13 I traveled home for my winter break. I had all these plans. Plans such as:

  1. I’m going to shop around and get a month membership to a gym.
  2. I’m going to reunite with Black Girls Run Philly.
  3. I am going to  etc etc you get it, I was very ambitious with less than 30 days.

LET ME TELL YALL WHAT HAPPENED! For about 6 days this was my life:

Winter Break

Yup. Just like Tiana… the bed was my boo.

I didn’t realize how sleepy and worn out I was until I had that chance to do nothing. I didn’t have to study. Work. Exercise. Clean. Cook..Nada.

What did I do?
I didn’t get a membership or even look for one. I have quite a lot of exercise equipment in my house so I did home workouts and I went on about 5 runs. I went back to my hill and realized how much I miss my hill sprints.  It was WAY too cold in Philly to meet up before 6am for BGR so nah, I’ll just keep running with BGR Columbia.

I was starting to stress out about not working out a few days before I went back to school, but I eat EXTREMELY well at home so ..we good.

Am I happy that I took this break?
Yes. Very. In Dec I realized my knees were bothering me a bit. Because of finals stress and the semester winding down, I really was fatigued. However, I needed I finish strong so I kept pushing. [one way for me to offset school stress  is to workout.] Now that I am back in SC and working out daily, my knees feel GREAT! My body is sooo refreshed.  On my first day back I took it light, but I know this semester I am hitting New Levels.

In Conclusion [ the point of all of this]:

Please take breaks in your workout schedule. Maybe every 2 months, take 4 consecutive days off. A month is a bit excessive, but it worked for me. Your body DOES need to recharge and recover, especially if you have been putting it under stress, both physically and mentally. You’re taxing your body systems and when you don’t let them recharge, you could get injured or ill.  If you are feeling pain somewhere, take a break and guarantee you aren’t injured before restarting. You have one body. It is your temple!

Get There. New Levels.



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