My Story

I have quite an uninteresting story on why I am the way I am and how I got into fitness and health.  Let me take you back to my youth:

Young J

As a little girl, I played tennis and did various other sports, but tennis was always my number one. Fast forward to high school– I played tennis all four years, did indoor track 2 years and outdoor track for 3. Also, I started running with a traveling club team during the summers. All during this time I was eating a whole bunch, not really bad, but not really healthy. My nickname for my track club team was “Salad” because when we went to fast food places I only got salad. It was too many decisions and I never ate out when I was younger. So yea, my name was Salad. At college I gained weight yall, I gained my freshman 15-20 lbs and it was in my cheeks…. BOTH SETS OF CHEEKS! Moving on, I did intramural and club tennis at Rutgers. I really enjoyed club until they told me they wanted me on the traveling team and their first match was in Wisconsin. Ummmm no thank you, my load is way to packed to be traveling..nah I’m good. 2009-2011 I worked with our football team as a student athletic trainer In the training room and a little bit on the field. I really wanted to…. no yall don’t understand—

Tenth Muse & Let’s Move Bootcamp

I REALLY WANTED TO BE AN ATHLETIC TRAINER!! Sooo freakin’ badly. I wanted to be the person in a tennis match who got called out to help. I would watch sports on TV and tell people, oh you know that’s gonna be me right? Well. A little of this happened, a little of that happened and by the start of my senior year that AT dream was dead and gone. I was extremely lost and scared because for 3 years I planned to go to AT school after undergrad. I  went to meetings, networked and did my internship in the strength & conditioning department at Princeton U. I love[d] strength & conditioning. Didn’t care too much for my internship, but I realized:

  1. I love the determination and drive of athletes.
  2. Putting together a training program & helping people reach their goals is everything.
  3. You can yell at people and boss them around…perfect fit!

I was a very happy coach. I only had 2 jumpers…and both went to Nationals!

After I graduated, I applied for many MANY exercise science related jobs and got NOTHING!-talk about depressed. I ended up at a daycare, “Oh Jordan you’ll be subbing until we get a teacher, max  3 weeks.” well 3 weeks turned into 10 months. I did a lot of physical activity with preschool kids and realized another strength. By the time April 2012 rolled around, I had my CPT cert and my clientele base started growing, however, I was still working at the daycare.  I quit the daycare June 2012 and did training full time, The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus became my life. Since then, I’ve partnered with nonprofits training both staff & kids, I’ve done a lot more personal training, and I even got to coach track, cross-country and sent 2 of my long jump kids to AAU Nationals.

That’s a brief synopsis . I don’t have a crazy story. I’ve always been active and into sports. I was never overweight or obese. I’ve always been optimistic and encouraging.  I ate fairly well & was always cautious about my diet. I was a pretty great athlete, wasn’t superb.  This is just who I am.

If I was to read my story I would say “oh, okay. That’s cool I guess.” It’s just….normal. I’ve had my trials & cries getting to where I am. I’m sure this year I’ll have a whole new set of struggles to overcome, but I’m confident in my abilities. All I can say out!

And Dats ALL FOLKS! My  story..short & sweet.

Get There. New Levels.



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