The BEST Thing to Take & Have at the Gym

Confidence. CONFIDENCE.

So often I hear ladies after they workout complaining about the amount of super swole men at the gym. These ladies feel like they cannot do their normal workout routine with the weights & machines they feel most comfortable with because these guys are there. *also guys who are new to working out have the same issue of shying away from equipment..I SEE YALL going up to the cardio deck when you wanted to lift! stop that!*

Yup. The men are there in the same area working out and we’re freaking out because the guys are looking at your 5 pounds thinking you’re pitiful. Check it out people.  When you go into the gym it’s not to impress anybody, it is for YOU. Don’t worry about if you & your 5 pounds are sitting on a bench where a guy wants to do his chest press with 50lbs. He will wait. He will be okay. Additionally and furthermore, he is most likely not checking or worried about you and MANY men wouldn’t dare say anything.

Another scenario: I don’t want to do group fitness classes because I’ll be:

  1. New.
  2. Alone.

annndddd??????? Everybody had to come to a class for a first time. You won’t be perfect the first class, you may miss some beats or reps, but you can’t let that stop you from trying out a class. You don’t have to stand in the front or know what you’re doing. Leave your excuses at the door and try it out.

So often, we lose opportunities and shy away from places and situations because of what he or say may be thinking or how I look to everyone else.  Why do you care so much about what these strangers, who probably don’t care, are thinking?

I’m gonna tell yall about a young lady…me:

I am 5’3″. I weigh less than 115 pounds. So yea, I’ve been described as tiny, but I will be damned if I walk around the gym with any hesitation about what I lift, what machine I use, etc. Depending on the exercise I could be using 5 pound plates or 45 pound plates. I could be lunging with a 15 pound dumbbell or shrugging with 40’s in each hand. I know what to do at the gym. I enjoy going to the gym. When I don’t know what to do, I ask the fitness staff.  When some person asks me if I’m done with the equipment I’ll either let him/her have it or say “Nawl I got another set, I’ll be done soon.” I can’t be scared about working out because I control what I do.  YOU control what you do. Don’t ever let anybody make you feel like you rushed or inadequate.  I even suggest starting small: “I am going to go to the gym and I will do 25 squats in the free weight area with 7.5lbs in each hand even if there are guys around.” Start there and build up. Focus on where to feel the exercise. Focus on pushing yourself. Focus on your goals.

Ladies and gentlemen do not go into the gym without your confidence. When you are packing for the gym make sure you have your sneaks, drink/snack, music & confidence.

Have confidence, your life will change in the gym and out. Once you have that down, then we can talk about self-efficacy.

This is important.

Get There. New Levels.



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