Back Workout

Hi!  Long time right?

Today I’m dropping part of my back workout. Now this isn’t entirely what I do, but this is part of it and some of my favorite exercises: Rows. When doing rows, be intentional about what you are doing, meaning, focus on where you should feel it. Don’t do rows and use your leg muscles to assist with the lifting. These are for your back and these work all parts. Not really your lower back, but all other muscles if not directly targeting your muscles, then indirectly, AND both your larger and smaller back muscles.

I like working the back because for a while I never did it, I just assumed I would get a nice defined back. Not until the fall of last year when I starting adding back specific muscles did I notice a  change. Your back plays such an important role and neglecting may not affect you now, as I am young, but I’m sure when I get older I’d regret it.  And even if you are older than me, it always helps to strength your back, it’s your trunk and a has a major role in all movement.

As always, please leave me feedback, I’ve already gotten some on facebook & tumblr for people who have incorporated it into their workout. **REMEMBER these are MY weights, when starting out if you need at 15 pound bar and not a 45 lb plate that do it.  Aiiiight!?  Yall excited!? woot woot

“Row ya Back”

12 rep single arm dumbbell row  [with weight] lbs
(superset meaning no rest) Bent over row 8 reps [with weight]
little tiny break
Back to the single arm dumbbell rows x 10-12 reps
superset with upright row plate x 8-12 reps [with weight]
break : : repeat

^^ that was part of another workout, but in the video I’m using the same exercises**

The upright row works your delts, traps, biceps
The Bent over row works your lats + other back muscles.
The single arm row works lats, the rhomboids and the middle & lower traps.

Get There. New Levels.



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