As An Emotional Eater…

*Sigh* this is me

*grabs snack*

So if you ever read my “who am I?” page, I have my deep dark secret posted which is: I’m an emotional eater. I say this is a deep dark secret because it’s no secret that I workout and eat healthy. I mean everybody knows this about me. But ME being an emotional eater, nah.

I realized this at Rutgers. One type of stress triggered me to lose my appetite. Another type of stress made me want to workout. And the third type of stress caused me to binge eat everything in sight! I have a pretty good handle on the first 2, but this eating thing really hasn’t gotten any better and I think I am finally ready to deal with myself. 

At home when I wanted to do this whole emotional eating thing I only had healthy choices and if I wanted junk I had to go out and get it. NOW that I’m on my own I just pop something  into my shopping cart or run to the vending machine before class. All that is honest to goodness unnecessary.

So what do I plan to do about it?

Simply put; I am going to stop.  Starting this week. LIKE TODAY!  LIKE RIGHT THIS MOMENT:

  1. No more going to the vending machines
  2. No more getting snacks such as popcorn/goldfishes
  3. Only get one dessert bar and that better last me more than one day. [Jordan c’mon now.]
  4. BUY GUM.
  5. BUY TEA.
  6. Have carrots sticks and hummus ready for my cravings.
  7. Have a stress ball with me at all times.
  8. Have water in arms reach.

Seems crazy right? But this is my reality, especially with finals quickly approaching. I am not going to do low or no carbs. Low fats or a detox / cleanse. I know that cannot work with my life right now. But I WILL do better to stop taking shortcuts. Maybe I’ll get some abs in the process hey, who knows! Hey, maybe my face will clear up & stop breaking out…maaybe right!!?

I know I’m going to mess up on this. I am already accounting for lunch and dinner dates with my friends. Sad evening with ice cream. But what I do every once in a while won’t predict or affect my bigger & long term goals.

This whole emotional eating issue is big. It’s so many people that use food as a source of comfort and it’s okay sometimes.  The problem is, we just want food all the damn time for every emotion and for every event- good or bad. Food is not there to comfort you. It is here to fuel your body. Yes- enjoy it, but please please please take small steps  to reduce your eating when you really don’t need too.

I’ll be here documenting my fails and successes.  I know that you may need to take it one step at a time and replacing eating with another POSITIVE behavior change will take work, but  let’s help each other.

As for  right now *grabs banana*…I’m eating my emotions.

Get There. New Levels.



3 thoughts on “As An Emotional Eater…

  1. cooking with audrey

    lol – love that ecard. in my opinion, we are ALL emotional eaters. food is a relationship, it FEEDS us in so many ways – and can be the cause of and solution to many ailments. to find a balance, sometimes we have to address other issues {sometimes just stuff ‘in our heads’} in order to have a healthy relationship with food. that’s what i believe, anyway. and i believe in listening to your body – its needs will change, also. so in my opinion, it’s important to just strengthen the intuition within and go with the ever-changing flow. 😉
    you’re cute. xxoo

    1. The Tenth Muse Fitness Plus Post author

      I saw that eecard the other day & it just screamed at me! hahaha. Strengthening that intuition is a big key, and for me, not to enable unhealthy habits. If I don’t buy it, i won’t have it to tempt me!


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