These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’m channeling my inner von Trapp with the title, but I’m serious. The internet as we all know is filled with tons on tons of data, and it can be a bit overwhelming. I know sometimes I find myself reading through an email which connects me to this article which connects me to this related article and then I’ve been surfing the net for hours…booo. I’ve listed a few of my go to sites that are 100% awesome.


These are a few of my fav-or-ite thiiiings! . . well websites

These are a few of my fav-or-ite thiiiings! . . well websites

  1. Chef Ahki’s Facebook– she is a natural food’s activist and the knowledge that she drops is so eye-opening. First off, she is breathtakingly gorgeous! I don’t know how I got hooked on her, but it’s been a little over a year and everything she says makes complete sense.  Some of her views probably don’t please urrybody, but  you have to stop and think about it.
  2. Food Heaven Made Easy– I love them! They have videos, recipes and lots of demonstrations. They have a facebook page, youtube account and their own website. Both Wendy & Jess  have degrees in nutritional science so their info is legit.
  3. Bodybuilder’s Exercise Guide– You can find exercises for any part of the body here. It’s really easy to use. If you want to target shoulders they have pages and pages of shoulder exercises, ones that you probably never considered. It’s user friendly! Don’t be intimated by the name of the webpage it’s for all!
  4. Fitness Workouts & Exercises– I follow this on facebook. It’s enjoyable. As well as giving good tips, they post some pretty inspiring videos and funny videos too. They also have a website that is legit.
  5. Holistic Alternative Healers- SOOO here you’ll find non-mainstream ways to deal with health issues, cleansing your body, really everything dealing with the mind, body and soul. Once again this isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but it’s something that is worth taking a look.
  6. I visit a few tumblrs, twitter, IG, youtube channels, etc pretty often that provide lots of fitness and health tips.

If you all have any sites that you enjoy visiting and would like to share, even if it’s your own, PLEASE leave ’em here !

Get There. New Levels.



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