Finally Understanding Yoga

I’ve written in the past about yoga. How I love it and how it really, really challenges me. In January, I purchased a group fitness pass from our fitness & wellness center so I could add some variety in my workouts and boy have I!!  I’ve taken several classes and I have definitely put this pass to use! This semester I’ve  taken Sunrise Yoga (45 mins) Wednesdays at 7am. This week I was unable to make it to Wednesday’s class so I went today to Power Yoga (60 mins)  Was it different? YES! And in a big way. The class is listed for intermediate and advanced yogis. I think I fall into that intermediate category, but just barely. It was sooo challenging but still super good!



What I’m learning about yoga is what I have been hearing forever. It’s tough because you have to clear your mind and focus on the poses, sinking in the poses and regulating your breathing. You are releasing negative energy and affirming joy and positivity into your life.  I always joke and tell my people when my sunrise instructor says in this super airy calming voice, “When you exhale, sink a little lower in your pose” I am screaming to myself WHAT THE HECK?! DO YOU THINK I CAN GO ANY LOWER??! I’M KILLING MYSELF HERE LADY!!!! It’s especially hard after I had been lifting  and my legs are sore, but I need the balance of yoga with my strength & cardio days.

I’m about to get a little personal, but ever since doing yoga consistently, I’ve basically been cramp-free. Which is something to celebrate seeing as though my cramps used to have me down and out for a whole day and sometimes in the worst excruciating pain ever. Yoga has helped me set my mind at ease. I have an extremely busy semester and it’s 3 weeks left with meetings and assignments due practically every day until the 30th, yet I have little stress about everything that needs to get done. I write my lists, I have my agenda book and I go about it. Additionally, I don’t feel like hearing any negativity. Some people complain all the time and are pessimistic every time they speak, but I just don’t have that urge to listen and engage in that anymore.

Yoga has put me in a better place and even though I only do it once a week now, I’m thinking about increasing to 2 times a week starting next week. I’ve done yogalates and that class made me realize yogis are SOOO strong! In that class I couldn’t hold any poses and the next day week, YES WEEK my shoulders were sore.  I can see how a person will do yoga as their major source of physical activity. You work all your muscles, you open up your chest and open up your mind. You work your muscles in a way that strength and cardio doesn’t. I’m at a point in yoga where I love sun salutations. I cannot do those fancy poses you see everywhere, but I am satisfied  not being at that point. My favorite time in yoga is the end when I am laying down on my back, palms up && I clear my mind. To do that, I focus on my breathing and breathing only. It has taken work to be able to turn off thoughts that pop up, but I am better for it. I don’t consider myself a yogi but I’m seriously happy to have it started incorporating it in my life.

I really wish athletes would do yoga . I believe wholeheartedly their focus and playing  would be different if they added yoga into their workout regimen. PLUS, injuries would be less frequent.  But who am I.

The only issue I worry about are with my wrists, I’m not sure about where I should be putting the pressure. I came across a very great post by Candace about avoiding wrist pain and that helped. Next time I go to power yoga, so probably next week, I’ll ask my instructor to make sure I’m not putting too much strain on them.

If anybody has any tips for wrist safety and if you want to share your yoga stories, please do!  Namaste


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