Hello All!

Back in my youth, *a few months ago* I really loved crop tops, I figured now that I’m an oldie I would stop wearing them. Well, I lied to myself. I got a few this past weekend.

I’m fairly confident my abs are awesome, however, if you haven’t heard I really do not like core specific workouts even though I know it’s so important and I know with all my workouts I engaging my core with every movement.  I decided to make a few workouts that target the core.  This is a good  way for me to do more core exercises and share the love! I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk.. yup yuup! I will do more, if you have any suggestion or need any help I am here!

  • Side Plank Left Side hold 20 secs. Then Go STRAIGHT into pulsing 20 secs. [Video here of pulsing]
  • Side Plank Right Side. Hold 20 secs, then go STRAIGHT into pulsing for another 20 secs.
  • 40 toe touches  <–video
  • 20 each L/R toe touches is just like the regular toe touches but you are reaching to the left side of your feet or the right side of your feet.
  • Plank extensions and Wall sits have pics

Summer fine 1


Get There. New Levels.



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