Stay Sippin’ Yall

I had been told since last spring when I lived in Philadelphia that the south is hot. Get ready because the south

I wasn’t.

is soo much hotter. I’ve heard this every week since I started school down in South Carolina in August. Honestly, I’ve been excited about it. What is this south summer like? How different is it from the North’s? *ahh excitement and suspense all through winter.* Well. Let me tell yall, Monday the temperature was 96 degrees and in the words of  comedian Kevin Hart:

I was sooooo HOT, not even humid, just hot! I have heard stories about the heat and the humidity combo in July. Late in the afternoon I went to the wellness center to get a workout in…the usual. Nothing serious, I started with a warm-up jog on the indoor track and headed to the rack to do some squats.  When I say I was sweating bullets after my warm up, that is such an understatement. I was FREAKING parched. No amount of water could quench my thirst AND I was having a little trouble catching my breath. I was soo ashamed of myself. First off, I shouldn’t be in this situation. Secondly, I should know better. I I would just consistently drink water and stop waiting for a sign that maybe I need to drink more.  If I was looking for a sign that was it. The thing is… I had been drinking lots of water, it’s not like I was totally slacking.

A little infographic on the benefits.

Well I’ve straightened up, drinking close to 70 oz daily since my debacle. You have to realize that water is so important to your body, every system, every cell, just everything and to withhold H2O for whatever reason (it’s tasteless, I don’t like it, nah I’m good) it really selfish and harmful. So as the weather starts heating up and we stay goodbye to our brutal winter, I’ll leave you with this bit of advice “Stay Sippin’, Yall” 

Just like this. . .

Get There. New Levels. ✗♥O


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