Accountability For Your Fitness & Health Goals

Hey!  Hi! Hello!

I wanted to invite everyone to join my facebook page for this reason [Refer to Title]. People still ask me for advice and people ALWAYS tell me what they are doing in regards to their diets and workouts as soon as I see them..haha.  I appreciate that, however, a lifestyle change doesn’t happen over night. Having a support system near or far is so important. I love to encourage others, but sometimes you need to hear it from someone who is in your shoes or has been in your shoes.  Even when you reach your goals, sometimes you need a push when trying to figure out what to do next to maintain! WE GOT YOU!

What I am trying to do is build a community where we hold each other accountable. We’re not chastising, bullying, being nosey… none of that.  We tell our goals and keep each other on track, encouraging  & making sure we are trying our best daily.  Each one, Reach one!

It’s not a challenge, it’s a weekly note to your self that you can do this and by putting it out there, know that we are here for you. Your goals can be the same every single week, and if they are…keep working on it!

If you wanna be down, be down! I really want to get more [social media] vocal individuals out and possibly create some buzz.  Please share and feel free to join my facebook page: The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus – – – Join US!!


Get There. New Levels.




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