Oh, It’s a Green Drank. . .

I like green dranks. Drinks with kale. Drinks with spinach. Drink that make people do a double take.

I drink them about three times a week and I have no shame in carry them around these days. I like them for the sole reason because you can play around so much with the ingredients and it’s so much fun. You can go wrong, but you also can go VERY RIGHT! You get your veggies. You get your fruits. You can add your “power-ups” In addition to being healthy, especially since you know exactly what is going into the drink, your energy levels shouldn’t suffer when have this.

Honestly it’s a win win. People usually gag at the color, but I love the color green soooo . . . . IN short-I am out here winning. If you aren’t making some green dranks, you’re out here losing. Come over to the green side…we winning. 😀

I frequently use:

  • Base: Coconut Water, Vanilla Almond Milk, Water
  • Veggie: kale, spinach, cucumber, carrot, beets, celery
  • Fresh or Frozen (never canned) Fruit: peaches/pears/pineapple/banana/kiwi/mango/plums/ all types of berries
  • Extras: Whey protein/ green superfood powder/ chia seeds/ flax seeds/ lemon/cinnamon

Below is a link to my drinks and pics that are helpful for beginners and veterans alike!

The most important part in making a green drank is to have fun and make it goooood: My Green Dranks 

Get There. New Levels.


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