You and Your Dog: Exercising Together


Fitness expert, Julia Chan has developed a fun circuit of exercises inspired by a dog’s most common movements. Below is a very cool infographic that connects common dog movements so you can exercise better with your pet!

Now I am not a big pet fan, I love fishes,  we really can’t exercise together, but this is GREAT for pet owners. I’ve looked through them and realized that you can really relate human movements with doggie movements!  To all pet owners out there..enjoy! 🙂

Just remember, a warm up and a cool down are vital for a complete workout. Warming up can simply be  a jog to a song or 2 with your dog in toe, and include some static stretches into the cool down. Remember, static stretches are best after you do your workout when your muscles can handle the strain and pull. The older you get, the more you realize how important warming up and cooling down is pre &post workout!

Get There. New Levels

Get Fit Like Fido



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