Don’t Worry, Be Flexible

and no I’m not talking about yoga.

I’ve been told years on years that I am stubborn and I have finally accepted and realized this a few years ago. It’s some situations where my stubbornness is good and others when it is in the way and I need to sit down somewhere.

I am a planner. I plan with the intention that everyone follows the course of action that has been set out for him/her and there will be little unforeseen complications.

Well let me to you, not everyone thinks that way and despite my intentions, very often the projects/goals wouldn’t go as planned and then I would just get ticked off and my usual first reaction is to say forget it. forget you. forget everything…I’m outta here.



Many people aren’t like me & they handle situations differently. It turns out being quite great when working in a group or team. These skills are really transferable for many tasks, activities and …in life .  You learn to adapt and adjust without getting so bent out of shape. You learn to listen and respond instead of becoming so frustrated with everyone around you.  Being flexible is applicable when it comes to your goals in life too, not just a project.

There are times where you can see exactly where you are going, everything is falling into place and life is great. However, there are many, MANY, other times when you stumble about and as you keep your goals in the forefront, you have to adjust what you are doing, how you are living, and many other factors to continue reaching your goals.

I am learning [still] that I will sometimes fail. I will sometimes stumble, but if I keep getting up and I keep going after my goals, even though I have to change how I get TO my goals everything is all good.  I saw a post on tumblr which is the picture to the left and it really is true.  You have to be flexible and you need to not get discouraged when things to go according to how YOU think they should.

Changing up how you get to your goals is inevitable. It’s not a bad thing either, you don’t know what you’ll learn in the process, who you’ll meet and how much you’ll grow.

Get There. New Levels


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