The Death Crawl Exercise

I was perusing through one of my favorite youtube fitness and motivation account: STACK.

I found this page when I discovered who Patrick Willis was, a super sick LB. I found his workout video and then became an even bigger fan.  I occasionally go back on their youtube and I am often on their webpage.

Well, yesterday I found this exercise called “death crawl” It wasn’t too complicated and I know it can be modified for individuals of any fitness level.

In the video the guy is using 20 lbs, a beginner would use body weight and the push-up would come later on. I would just hold as a plank. As you get more advanced if you don’t want to increase in weights, adding a twist or front raise. There are ways to make this crawl even deathier.

The next time I get to the gym for a workout will be Friday [today is climbing and core] and I plan on doing a bunch compound moves that will use many muscle groups at once. This death crawl will definitely be added!

Thank you Todd Durkin!

Enjoy folks & let me know how it goes!

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