Exercise and Eating

Whenever people ask me for some help & advice they always throw in, oh I don’t drink soda. Or something like I eat breakfast almost  daily too. I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of  individuals know that diet and nutrition play an important role, and working out on its own won’t solve whatever the problem is solely.  The issue people deal with, is learning how what you eat and drink impacts your body and to what extent AND how to workout effectively and efficiently. Yes, you’ll get results by just changing your diet and neglecting additional physical activity. Yes, you can see results by working out  while not changing your diet.  However, you will see maximal results when you adjust what you eat, when you eat, how you eat, and your workout principles: intensity/frequency/duration/rest periods. Here are a few questions I have. Think and answer these questions. You’ll find out where you’re going right and wrong AND where you need help. [That’s why I am here! 🙂 ]

  1. Do you do any strength training?  If not, why? Then I suggest starting some. Start with 2 days a week.
  2. Is cardio your main source of fitness? [Usually the answer is yes.] Add some interval training [HIIT]
  3. Do you eat breakfast everyday? What do you have?
  4. Are you a snacker? How  frequently and what do you eat?
  5. Coffee/Juice/Soda drinker? Frequently? You gotta stop it. Drink more water.
  6. Carbs are not bad. Sugar is bad. Dairy can be bad. Carbs..nah not so much. Do you know why?
  7. Do you know the difference between simple carbs/complex carbs? Familiar with nutritionally dense foods?
  8. It’s recommended you get 7-9 hours a sleep per night. Do you?
  9. What do you do about self -love? How do you take care of yourself?
  10. Do you have a support system? How much time can you dedicate to working out, meal prep. etc?
  11. Most importantly, what is your goal?

As for tips:

  1. Start slow. Do not change everything at once.
  2. Have a goal that is realistic and know that results will take time.
  3. Do not become frustrated. Do not give up.
  4. If you slip up one day or  two days, oh well, we all do. Get back up and reset.
  5. It will be worth it in the end…promise!
I can't find the creator of this, but I agree with this

I can’t find the creator of this, but I agree with this


I will leave you all with this: For everyone who is trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just be great and have energy to do that…your diet matters. What you eat fuels all your muscles, organs, cells & systems. So yes, what you eat really matters.  What you do 80% of the time matters more than 20% so if you been doing great for 2 weeks and you slip up a day or two, that isn’t going to wreck all your progress. Don’t think it will- be positive and patient with yourself.

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