2015: The Year of Consistency

Yay!!! I have returned!  Guys I am back and I cannot wait to start writing again. So let me do a quick recap.

  • I graduated in December with my Masters of Public Health, the concentration was Physical Activity meaning half of my courses were in the exercise science dept. Remember my undergrad degree was in ex. sci..I’m never leaaaaving!!!
  • I am still swole on tha low tho.  Cross me and your legs may get broken. Nobody crosses me.
  • I am now 25 and 2015 started another, very different, chapter in my life.

My theme this year is consistency. It’s broad and I know this, but I feel like this year I can really set the foundation in many aspects of my life. Therefore, I am aiming to be consistent in my efforts, thoughts, intentions, actions and words all year long. Spiritually, career-wise, in relationships, financially and, of course, physically.  So in addition to having goals and aspirations for this upcoming year, I have a theme. I want to see consistency daily…

This will result in achieving my goals and, hopefully, getting stronger relationships and building better connections. Be on the lookout for how I am doing throughout the year!

So I challenge you, would you consider having a theme for this upcoming year? If so, what would theme be?

#GetThere. #NewLevels. 

One thought on “2015: The Year of Consistency

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