3 Exercises You Need to Add in Your Workout

Hi all 🙂

I’m giving you three exercises that you could add into your workout to mix it up. I do all these exercises, & you know I wouldn’t guide you to a garden without the goods! I chose these 3 for several reasons

  1. They work for me.
  2. They have worked for people I train.
  3. They target more than 1 muscle, these are compound movements.
  4. You will feel it

Picture from BodyBuilding.com. I highly recommend you check out that website.

The first is a Single Arm Shoulder Press with Dumbbells. I really like this one because it makes you use your core more than if you were using a bar or both arms. Primary muscles worked are you Deltoids aka Shoulders. The front part of your shoulders are worked the most, but the other parts of your shoulders are activated also. To a lesser extent, your triceps muscles activated. To stabilize and help the motion, other back muscles are needed too + your core! Do not forget to tighten your core. Check out more info here.


Weight glute bridge w/ a Plate

The second exercise is a Weighted Glute Bridge. A while back I worked out with a friend who is a strength & conditioning coach. He introduced these to me and overtime I transitioned from plates to bars. The primary muscle targeted is your booty- your medius and maxius. Yes, your butt has a few muscles…read about it here. To a lesser extent, your hamstrings, and depending on your form, your calves. These are a killer, I love em!


The last exercise is called a Renegade Row with a Push-up. Get this- a plank, push up and row are combined in this movement. So many muscles are used: the majority of your back muscles, triceps, chest, core & biceps. This is a tough move. As you go into your row, the key is to drive your elbows up & not let your torso rotate. The gif below is of Kia Wheeler- she has awesome videos and information on youtube or facebook! Check her out.

Enjoy these!! Let me know how it goes if you try them!

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