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Maaaaan, it can be so hard sticking to goals that you set for yourself, especially health and fitness goals. BUT, yes, there is a but– technology helps to alleviate some of those struggles. Now me, personally, I tend to read about the new tech devices as opposed to using them. However, I have a couple that I’d like to highlight and a few that I have suggested to clients.

Run The Map App

Run The Map App

I have a windows phone, so options are limited on apps that can track my running mileage and speed, but I use “Run the Map” & when I do use it…ah-mazing. It links with social media sites, gives you a multitude of stats and has been super accurate! The attached picture is an email detailing the stats of that run.  The other app I use is an interval timer which is key when I do my HIIT workouts on my own.

This is a look: Polar Watch

When it comes to clients, almost everything I suggest is dependent on their goals, commitment and affordability. My Fitness Pal is a top recommendation, especially for beginners. It’s  easy to use, eye opening (you really see what you put in your body), great for reaching goals and freeeee. I plan to get a Polar watch- I really like the FT7 which is for cross-training. Now these watches come with a multitude of features and personal training through Polar…so fricking cool! I wish it came in green, but you know, that’s a personal problem.  FitBit is really popular with my friends, I definitely like the concept, especially because it tracks your sleeping, AND when several friends/colleagues have FitBit, you can get a friendly competition going. I probably won’t buy this, but I can’t predict the future 😉 When it comes to apps, I need help…like serious help. I’m thinking of purchasing an iTouch (soon) for fitness reasons, so if you have any app suggestions please let me know! Apps are cheaper, (usually) provide accuracy when predicting stats and are readily available. I’m a fan of apps, but I either get overwhelmed or spend hours on in researching so I don’t bother with them.

Before I finish let me leave you with this last bit of new knowledge about how healthcare is using technology and helping their members track and monitor their progress: Oscar Healthcare (for all my NY/NJ residents check it out) is an insurance company that uses technology to keep their clients motivated and has a self-made incentive program to help everyone reach their goals! As previously mentioned, fitness goals can get rough, but there’s a ton of apps, fitness technology and now healthcare services, like Oscar, that aim to make it a bit easier!

These are a few ways technology has integrated itself in fitness. I think it’s been great to get people started, for maintenance and pushing to the #NewLevels. Lookout for updates when I purchase a Polar watch or iTouch, and remember to leave app suggestions for me & the readers! (If you have a Polar watch let me know how you like it Polar or Garmin? My running group raves about Garmin)

#GetThere #NewLevels

4 thoughts on “TechFitness Fusion

  1. Derin A.

    I have the polar T79 watch – that exact color actually and I love it! It’s great being able to track how many calories I burned doing a HIIT workout, lifting, running etc and see the daily, weekly, or monthly progress (and know it’s accurate!). I was torn between the polar watch and the Garmin at first (because I also love running), but I since I already use my phone as my GPS, and will always have it strapped on my arm for music on my runs, it was like, ehh no need for the Garmin (the gps feature is what I liked). That’s just my reasoning. The polar is great!


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