Jump, Jump (Plyo)

Welcome back! I’m writing all about plyometrics today. Soo, keep reading & learn something new, then add some plyo into your workouts.

What is plyometrics? Better known as plyo is when you are consistently, and quickly stretching and contracting your muscles. Usually this is done with jumping exercises.

Why do plyo? You are doing power training! Also, for the exercise physiology people, when you do plyo, you stress your fast twitch muscle fibers. I find plyo exercises also incorporate balance & possibly coordination (depending on what you’re doing.)

How often such I do this? Plyo is pretty intense, so start with one day a week. Increase to 2 days and if you can handle it, 3 days a week. I would actually venture to say, do a plyo move in your workout routine frequently.

So what about weights, reps & sets? Plyo is very effective with your own body weight, however, you can add some weight to increase the intensity. Weights such as ankle weights, a weighted vest, dumbbells & plates. Reps are between 10-15 for body weight and depending on weight added-less reps. I’ve been sticking with 5  sets and that has been working for me.  Below is a photo of the plyo portion of my workouts. Let me add this: it changes and if you are doing more serious training or sport specific training, then the volume, sets, reps all change and will change frequently. This is really for a Plyo 101 guide.

How do I feel about plyo? Love it. It challenges me, plus it adds variation into the workout. It’s easy to get hurt so start out with one day, 1 jump exercise and gradually increase. There are a ton of exercises and it get’s the job done! It’s great to add in a circuit or HITT session.

3 Plyo Exercises

3 Plyo Exercises


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