Body Shaming Is Still A Thing?

Oh I hadn’t realized it.

Nah I’m totally kidding, I think body shaming is at an all time high. Body shaming is a result of a person saying negative comments about another person’s weight (or size), a negative attitude and, I’d go on to say, negative thoughts too. Body shaming can result in discrimination against those who are considered “overweight” or “obese.”

Body Positive Picture from Tumblr if anybody knows the artist, let me know!

These nasty attitudes & comments (I’d say about 95% of the time) are thrown at people- usually women- who are fat. That is specifically “fat shaming.” I have an interesting relationship with this because I was once a fat shamer, not so much with my words, but with my thoughts. When I was younger I thought it was absolutely unacceptable under any circumstance to be overweight. It’s so stupid to think like that. No specific person taught me to be like that, but I was (probably media and society’s doing) and it took me reading a several articles and having a pretty blunt discussion with myself to realize I was a problem.

There are people on social media, podcasts and articles that I read/follow which highlight being proud of who you are no matter what size you are-Body Positive. It has been so beneficial to keep reading & seeing these types of messages because far too often the media highlights ONE type of woman- you know the type, and there’s very few that actually look like that “ideal” woman.  I am not ashamed of how I used to think because I was younger & ignorant, but I grew up & learned up. You continually grow and better yourself with time… and that’s for any topic and any ignorance.

So you may be wondering how body shaming is connected to me- or even if it is. Usually at work I’m in my oversized hoodies, but as the temp rose, I broke out my racer back workout tops. Many times I’d get hit with the ” oh God you’re so tiny/small/skinny” comments I’d  give a *polite smile* and go about my business, but in the last few weeks it’s been so often with the rude, unnecessary and unfiltered comments.  Everybody has to comment on how I look, how skinny I’ve gotten this winter, how they can’t send me home smaller than when I came. Please do us [me] a favor and STFU.

Little ol` me

At one point a couple week ago, I got out the shower and had to give myself a once over because ..well damn maybe I am too small, but then myself quickly recovered into confident Muse again. I AM small. But I should never feel uncomfortable about it. I shouldn’t need to hesitate about what I should wear because it may provoke comments. I never questioned myself ever & I don’t plan on doing it again. I can’t imagine how others feel.

Body shaming is unacceptable and there has to be a systems level change so that toddlers won’t feel ashamed for how they look. Children, teens, adults, well everybody needs to feel comfortable with who they are…my thing is- be healthy. Now let me set something straight, “skinny” shaming still doesn’t have the consequences of “fat shaming.” Yea I am annoyed & irritated, but I’m not discriminated against, & my life isn’t altered. Fat shaming can be so horrid that those things happen. Body positivity is something I promote & will continue.

If you want body positive blogs/sites here are a few to check out

What are your thoughts on body shaming? Has it ever been done to you–what was your response? & Most importantly, how do you combat body shaming?

#GetThere #NewLevels



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