Tennis Training

Gotta get low for this one!

Gotta get low for this one!

Tennis is my favorite sport (Yall know this..right?) I love watching it. I love playing it. I love teaching it. After my boss agreed to start giving me lessons, I had to re-evaluate my workout schedule for a few reasons:

  1. It sucks playing tennis when you are super sore from your workout the previous day
  2. I needed to start doing sport specific training, which is very different than my old routine

    I still write everything out

    I still write everything out

So instead of explaining everything I was doing before, I’ll just write about my updated workout. The picture is what I wrote up and what I use as the bases of my workout these days.  Let me explain. Tennis is a sport that requires some endurance- if you have a long match, but most often you are in a rallying fairly quickly (I’d say between 15-30 secs of intense play depending on the skill level.) In between each point you are allowed 25 seconds rest, and on odd number games you have a changeover which is 90 secs max. In between sets the rest break is 2 mins. So my training needs to incorporate that pace…That’s where the HIIT Training comes in. It’s done on a track and it allows me to train closer to how my body would feel in a match. Now I am still keeping my 3-4 mile run once a week with BGR…I need my aerobic system to be working too, I need to be able to handle endurance.

My forearms, triceps and chest muscles are weak, so I’m strengthening those, especially my triceps & forearms. For just about every move in tennis you are rotating your trunk, so it’s key that I improve trunk rotation. My coach has been telling me to increase my racket head speed on my backhands, so that means I need to swing faster, once again trunk rotation, but also I need to strengthen back muscles.

For the most part, my legs are strong enough, I’ll continue to do my plyo & normal leg workouts. I need to  improve: agility, hand-eye coordination and MORE AGILITY.  My coach continually tells me I take “too big steps” when traveling towards the balls which in return causes an unforced error, in tennis you have to take small steps. How to correct that? Jumping rope, ladder drills & cone work. So that is what I’ve been doing. Has it helped my game? Yup!

I’m happy to be back playing more consistently, I hope to join a tennis league soon!  🙂

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