The Tenth Muse: Past, Present & Future

Note to Self

Things are changing, it’s good for me to reflect as I move forward. I figured I’d share with my followers & friends some of my journey.

Past: I started thinking and planning for The Tenth Muse , or as I first called it, M10, in the fall of 2011.  By early 2012, it came to be. I had clients, I had my personal trainer’s certification & I was ready to go. Eventually, I quit my job and started training full time. I really loved training, but I realized my life as a personal trainer wasn’t really fulfilling or what I wanted to do.  BUT, I didn’t know what it was *exactly* that I wanted to do. Back then I had a confidant or an unoffical business partner; every decision, every idea, any success or failure associated with The Tenth Muse I would share. His opinion and input was so important & valuable as I struggled to figure out exactly what I wanted the Tenth Muse to be and how I could do this – whatever “this” was at that time. In 2013 , just as business started to pick up- bootcamp, clients, partnerships, I left the Philly region for graduate school. It was a master’s of public health program that was housed in the exercise science dept. It was a great program which allowed me to to learn entirely too much. *Nerd alert*  While down in South Carolina, the above friendship deteriorated to a point where we will never be friends again. However, I’ve come to realize, as upset as I was, maybe there was something positive in that mess.

Present: My belief in myself has and still does waver. I’ve gotten so much better over the last few years, especially as I am putting trust in my talents and myself rather than others. When it comes to decisions and the future of the Tenth Muse instead of that urge to discuss with someone else,  I now work diligently on my craft. I know where I am, I know where I can go & most importantly, I know my abilities, where I see myself & what I envision for the business is very possible. I wanted to rename the business “Aegle” and worked all last year on a business plan for Aegle. [Aegle is Greek and means “Goddess of Radiant Health”] Although I love the name, every week I am reminded about the ingenuity of the Tenth Muse and its meaning. I won’t be changing it anytime soon yall, don’t worry. So what have I been doing? READING! and lots of it. Fast Company is my favorite magazine. Harvard Business Review-I enjoy. Lots of online articles and information about community development and technology’s impact and influence on public health. Reading about leadership, networking, and resources that are available to use. I use social media, and in the last month, my facebook and tumblr followers have significantly increased. I am figuring out what works best on each platform. The goal on social media is to create more conversation and interactions.

I’ve figured out that fitness isn’t what I want to focus on, I am interested in 2 things that I hope to intersect one day:

  1. Community health development, empowering communities especially Black communities and families with low SES (socio-economic status) A concentration is increasing physical activity.
  2. Fusing technology (apps) with aspects public health (not fitness tracking, not healthcare)
I know it's ol' school, but it works best for me.

I know it’s ol’ school, but it works best for me.

So that’s where I am now. Keeping my momentum, keeping my confidence high and keeping knowledge new.

Future: What’s next? Well, moving [back]to Philly will help, especially with networking. Columbia doesn’t have the same draw or basically anything for what I want to do, and I’m ready to move to a bigger city with more opportunity. The Tenth Muse needs a logo. Soon, I’ll reach out to my networks and get that started. I want to build a community both online and in real life. A community with tangible results, that’s important. So I’ll start in my own neighborhood, the Logan section of Philly, and work from there. Interviews will be starting soon- I’m really excited about that!  (The interview will be a new feature of the blog…stay tuned.) One day I hope to have an advisory board and a small team, but right now it’s just me and that works. As for personal training, I don’t know if I’ll take on any clients, I answer maaaany private messages and I enjoy doing personalized plans…I may take on 1 or 2 clients for the thrill, because I do miss it and … side money 😀

The Tenth Muse is growing. I am more confident about myself and the direction of where I am taking the business.  My support system has been astounding and I am so thankful for this entire journey. I have a strong foundation, I’ve done leg work on that end, now it’s time to grow. Join me & take this ride!

#NewLevels #GetThere

4 thoughts on “The Tenth Muse: Past, Present & Future

  1. trinityizreal

    I love this, thanks for sharing! As you evolve, your business will, as well. Continue to learn & lead others to do the same. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve never heard of an emphasis on public health in technology but I also don’t read what you’re reading. I’m sure growth will continue! “Get there”, I believe you & I’m watching! Stay encouraged!

    1. The Tenth Muse Fitness Plus Post author

      And I will be hitting you up whenever that times comes. It wouldn’t be for at least 3 months, probably longer. That’s important, but I want other things to fall into place before I get the logo designed.


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