Meet Me At The Track

…it’s going dooown .

Hey Guys!! Remember a few posts ago when I explained why I needed to start doing sprint/track HIIT workouts to improve my tennis game? Well I have been doing just that. Real Quick:  HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. Alexis & I did distance intervals, not timed intervals. For instance a 50 m dash, all out -then rest or a low intensity jog. The dash was our sprint interval.

I am going into my 4th week doing sprint workouts and, while in the moment I despise them and it reaffirms that I do not miss track, these workouts have helped with movement on the tennis court. That was the bigger  & more important goal anyway. Alexis is an ex-trackie and hurdler who ran club track at RU and she plans all of our workouts, which are as followed:

Week 1:  8 x 100 repeats. Start at about 60 percent and increase your intensity & speed every 100 meter dash.

Week 2:  4 x Broken 200s. Moderate speed jog for 150. Sprint 50.

Week 3:  4 x Broken 300s. Jog 150. Sprint 150.

Week 4:  Happening this week!! ^_^

Our rest periods are walking to where we need to start from. So for the broken 150s, after the jog, we walked up about 50 meters and did that 150 sprint, then walked to where we started (50 m) and started the jog again.

These workouts add variety in my schedule && I enjoy hitting the track, plus you know…I can get some gossip of RU after I graduated. 😉

#GetThere #NewLevels


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