Kom…what?? Kombucha. It’s a drank.

Kombucha? Why would you drink that!

My favorite flavor so far
Triology-My favorite flavor so far

I promise yall a year ago there was no way in the world I would even consider drinking anything fermented. Child please! I have a little fit when I have to take apple cider vinegar when I’m sick now!  But here I am now sipping on Kombucha and not hating it…dare I say enjoying it?

Kombucha is fermented green or black tea.It is made by adding the bacteria and yeast that grows on top of the tea. When you pop the cap it reminds me of a carbonated drink and it tastes like mild apple cider vinegar with some flavors. When I first took a sip I thought ” hmm” then I sucked my teeth b/c of the tartness, and then gave a slight nod of approval. I had the Guava and Trilogy (raspberry, lemon and ginger) flavors. There are a ton of other flavors-I purchase it at Whole Foods. Be aware: I have heard that drinking non-flavored Kombucha is ROUGH.

There are lots of claims about the health benefits of drinking it, but there’s also tons of information about adverse side effects.

There are just claims, no scientific studies about the health benefits to the immune and digestive system, a detoxifying agent and many more. Many people say it has helped them, and I totally believe it because there are so many vitamins AND there’s live cultures (probiotics). So yes the vitamins and probiotics make it a great drank. However, You this isn’t something you drink in mass everyday.  I share a bottle with my mom and we drink it in 3-4 days, take a few ounces per day…I could probably do 6-8 oz a day, but 4 is cool with me.

It’s about moderation, I can see how drinking a few bottles weekly can cause some adverse effects to your systems.

In conclusion: Drinking this was experience, one I first rejected, but now I’m on board. I’ll drink a bottle a month. That’s all. I don’t take a probiotics supplement, but I do eat yogurt so I think my gut bacteria is in check. Just try it, share it with a friend or a couple if you’re nervous and be your own judge about it.  My whole thing is… don’t overdo anything no matter how good it is for your body. Have self control people!

Read more about it HERE and also HERE!

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