2016: The Year to Build

New year, older look?

New year, older look?

Last year, remember 2015?  A few days ago. My theme was consistency. 2015: The Year of Consistency. The Struggle! Being consistent is one of the back bones to success. I started strong, and throughout the next 45 weeks or so-I went in and out. For me, I wanted consistency in all aspects, but that’s difficult. It’s difficult to just throw that demand on yourself and expect to rise to those occasions. For instance. My morning routine includes

  • Drinking warm water with salt and lemon
  • Meditating up to 10 minutes
  • Reading my devotional and praying
  • Making up my bed

When I was on, I was ON. But it is so easy to snooze and fall off…. in 2 weeks increments at that. I probably did my morning routine 15 -20 weeks. And that’s being generous.

Every year between Dec. 29- Jan 2, I write reflections (of the previous year) and intentions (of the year ahead of me.) I’ve been doing this for years. Now, because it’s a note to me by me, I am frank and honest- especially pertaining to where I messed up *again*. Meaning, I’ve got to do some deep searching and reflecting on why I did it & what needs to change.

This is where and how I'm most productive- a cafe.

This is where and how I’m most productive- a cafe.

When I wrote my reflections, I realized that 2015 was a great year, one of those years that shaped me (moreso than others.) Naturally, there were  many trials, but my theme guided a majority of my actions. Because of that consistency it has opened doors and unveiled opportunities unbeknownst to me. Yes, I’m speaking about career and entrepreneurial opportunities. But guys, guess what? I can completely make-up my face. Which doesn’t seem like a huge deal, but it really is. We can talk about this process…in depth (so um…hit me up.) Small things, like Weekly Affirmations (tumblr), going to church every week, playing tennis and reading added to the self-efficacy that is so important when pushing to become your best self.

This year, the year to build, means I’ll be utilizing consistency, still. That doesn’t stop. To build is broad-so what aspects am I looking to build? Really all. Build networks and new friendships. Build my spiritual life and, surprisingly, finally, I think I can build in a relationship. My fitness building is in regards to becoming a better trainer and using my social media to help others. The Tenth Muse is a ticking bomb waiting to blow up & be released in Philly…

This year will be that year. Another huge part of building is letting go. And this year I am disengaging people and habits that I know are a source of negative energy. Lastly, two important aspects to assist with building are organizing and taking risks. (Those are huge for me and that means another post specifically about that.)

2016: The Year to Build.

Let’s chat. What are your intentions, resolutions, goals and vision for this year? What does a successful year look like to you?

#GetThere #NewLevels
This page is now filled. I am ready

This page is now filled. I am ready


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