National Girls & Women in Sports Day

Y’all. I didn’t even know this was a day…until I got on twitter this morning, mind you it’s the 30th year of this day. Where have I been? I couldn’t let the opportunity pass for me not to talk about some of my favs!

First, a little history about National Girls and Women in Sports Day (#NGWSD)

 NGWSD began in 1987 as a special day in our nation’s capital to recognize women’s sports. NGWSD has since evolved into an event to acknowledge the accomplishments of female athletes, the positive influence of sports participation and the continuing struggle for equality for women in sports.

There are a ton of stakeholders + partners that promote and are affiliated with the day and the many events across the US.

Now to talk about my favs!!

  1. Venus Williams. I’m not listing her first because I am an Eleven By Venus Ambassador 😉 I have loved her since day 1. She was the one that made me want to become a professional tennis player. She is a graceful on the court, and when she is on, she is unstoppable. She continued the fight of pay equalization for women in tennis. For years women were getting paid significantly less than men–until 2007. Also, her clothing line is great. When I start playing competitively, I will be wearing her brand.
  2. Misty Copeland. She changed the face of ballet. I had no interest in ballet..ever until Misty. She isn’t silent about her journey, her trials and triumphs. She recently posted the photo to my right on instagram: #representationMatters. Black Girl Magic, indeed. I see so many
    The New Face of Ballet

    The New Face of Ballet

    stories about young people who are succeeded and breaking barriers in ballet. With Misty’s physique, I don’t think there is one person who would argue that she isn’t an athlete.

  3. Allyson Felix. I remember when she didn’t win gold in the 2008 Olympics for the 200m. Guys, I was devastated! But what happened in the following 4 years leading up to the 2012 Olympics was amazing. She changed her training, her focus was intense and in 2012 she won the 200 gold in addition to a gold in the 4×1 and 4×4. Her perseverance is what stands out the most. PLUS, she is a sprinter with a unique body size, her workouts are amaziing.
  4. Serena “Da Queen” Williams. I celebrate Serena because she embodies everything I looked for in a role model when I was younger. She continually surmounts obstacles and hate that are still spewed at her frequently. She does it with finesse. We’ve seen her grow up from a young teen to a mature young lady. I wish she understood her impact on young kids today. When I coached, I’d ask who is your favorite player? The majority of the young Black athletes I
    Ibtihaj is heading to the Olympics

    Ibtihaj is heading to the Olympics

    coached, regardless of gender or age, said Serena. That is huge.

  5. There are a multitude of others women/girl athletes that I love and here are a few: Gabby Douglas, Ibtihaj Muhammad, Steffi Graf, Dwan Staley, Mo’ne Davis, Michelle Kwan, and so many others.


Me, Sporting!

Me, Sporting!

It’s important not to forget the millions of athletes who aren’t famous. People like I was. Everyday you go to practice and give it your all. Some competitions are great for you, and others…not so much.  But it doesn’t stop you from being an amazing athlete, bettering yourself and continuing to push forward. Girls are amazing. Combining girls and sports is amazinger (my own word.) Through sports you build character, leadership, interpersonal skills and, in general, you’re a badass person.

#GetThere #NewLevels

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