Using Sports to…Make the World Better? Yep

Hey folks!

Let’s talk business. And by business I mean my business that I have been researching, networking and planning. To be honest with you, everyday I wake up not knowing how I  will feel about process. Some days I wake up and I am so extremely excited about it all, the entire process, and other days, I wake up feeling defeated, deflated and that entire day I question if I am doing the right thing (Should I be heading in this direction?) Ultimately, the good outweighs the bad, the faith offsets the fear.

So the majority of this post will be me discussing the research I’ve done about the use of sports to/for

  1. Promote peace.
  2. Youth Development.
  3. Teaching life skills.
  4. Help build confidence, esteem, & self-efficacy.
During a day camp teaching the girls how to serve.

During a day camp teaching the girls how to serve.

It’s interesting to learn about the many different methods that organizations use when sports is the foundation, which populations are being served, and how programs are tailored/targeted. Internationally, football (soccer) is huge, in America I see more diversity in the sport selections. I recently read some articles: one about the re-emergence of cricket in Rwanda and Net Ball (which I had no idea existed!) I’ve read through peer-reviewed research articles on this to find both strengths and weaknesses in using sports. It appears that the benefits do outweigh the risks, but programmatic design and the willingness of both groups to be have an open mind is imperative for success. BUT you can create a program to help with tolerance. Sports is used as a means to bridge feuding countries, heal broken nations, dissipate negative gender role myths, develop positive characteristics for youth development, spread awareness about diseases to communities and for many  other reasons.

"This is how you place your feet. Look at the net pole..."

“This is how you place your feet. Look at the net pole…”

The direction that the Tenth Muse is headed: it will be a hybrid business which means part non-profit (has a social welfare logic/ has a social mission goal: to better improve communities) and part profit ( uses the commercial logic, goal to make a profit) The mission is to use sports as a means to bring together polarizing populations of young people to create conversations and educate one another (working missions will be edited many more times.) Not just racial differences- ethnic, class, religious, gender, and many more populations will be targeted. I want to add an Arts component, and at first I was thinking of having a duel mission that worked collaboratively with arts and sports, but I am sticking with my original plan and I am sure Arts can be incorporated later. Especially because, as I am learning with research, Philly is an arts hotspot. There are so many organizations and umbrella groups just for creatives, artists, etc.

I am listing a few of the many resources (links included) I’ve come across for using sports for development or as an agent for social change, healing etc.  The majority of the resources listed are large international organizations. There are many local organizations that I am looking into as well.

  1. Beyond Sport
  2. International Platform on Sport and Development
  3. PeacePlayers International 
  4. PL4Y
  5. UN office on Sport for Development & Peace
  6. Center for the Study of Sport in Society

Right now, time management has actually been more difficult than I planned. However, I am getting so much better networking, and speaking up at opportunities where I know my studies in both exercise science and public health, would benefit the conversation. I’m reaching out to connections and in general being a better advocate for myself. If someone doesn’t contact me back, it’s all good- I’m not taking it personally.

Ready Position!!!

Ready Position!!!

SO yeah, that’s where I am not now. Research, learning and developing a plan that will work for the city and the community. Everything is still so new, but I have a vision so moving forward with success is inevitable.

If you have any suggestions, comments, questions- I would love to chat. This is a process and the more I can discuss, the more I learn. If you work in this field…let’s talk. I have a ton of questions.

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#GetThere #NewLevels

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