Are you in a Workout Rut?


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Hi Muses!

It’s early March and I am so over the gym. In late December I joined LA Fitness. I wanted and needed to join a gym as the weather cooled and as outdoor tennis season came to a close.  Now let me tell you about my LA Fitness… it’s SO stereotypical and it reminds me of gym parodies:

  • Super swole guys always checking everybody out and looking at their muscles
  • Cardio machines are never free
  • Super fit gals going into depth about their carb vs protein, just shuuush 
  • Lots of grunting and unnecessary loud sounds

It was cool for 2 months, now- I am OVER IT ALL.  I started thinking about my days in grad school and why I loved my workouts. I played tennis & basketball, climbed, did yoga, ran and more. Now, I go to the gym to lift and take a step class..dats it. That’s dry and it’s no fun.

I gotta change it. What do I do?

This is what I’m thinking: Take an introductory climbing class and look into memberships at climbing gyms (Philly has a few &  I really miss climbing.) Start playing tennis when the weather warms up- hopefully I can play twice a week. I really have no goals when it comes to lifting, so I can cut my days at the gym back to like 1, maybe 2. Annnnd, I can start hitting the hills and art museum steps again!

My goals for my workouts are simple- get healthier by eating better (reduce gluten and dairy, increase H20) and maintain my fitness levels. I love where I am physically and I am quite content with who I am and how I look.  I know there are a plethora of reasons why people become stagnant and disillusioned with their fitness journey. People don’t realize this happens because you need to switch up what you do. This inforgraphic to my right explore this. Take a look at it and then take a few minutes to re-evaluate what you’re doing and not doing. As the season changes, it is a perfect opportunity to add some variety in your workouts to reach your goals.

#GetThere #NewLevels

3 thoughts on “Are you in a Workout Rut?

  1. Avril Somerville (SomerEmpress)

    I can relate to this one! Just came home from the gym less than an hour ago. I did my own spin class on a free spin bike while baby girl was doing gymnastics, but I am emerging from a rut as well. Joined LA Fitness (belonged to the Y), and I’m still not impressed for the same reasons you mentioned. Thought it was me just getting old. I feel so much better now after reading this! 😉 I enjoy working out, but enjoy it so much more when I get to mix it up. I think I’ll go purchase another Hot Yoga mini-membership/ pass again. I suppose I’m changing so the gym “routine” must follow suit.

    1. The Tenth Muse Fitness Plus Post author

      It is not just you! So many people complain about LA Fitness, but I enjoyed it for the winter. I’ll cut back and end up missing it in a few months and go hard for a bit. I also want to add some recreational sports in my mix so hopefully in the winter I can add ice skating and snowboarding, while this summer I’ll kayak a bit.


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