Meal Prep Made Easy

Truth be told, meal prep isn’t easy. It doesn’t matter how I try to spin it. It takes time. BUT if you want to get a better handle on what you’re eating, meal prepping is what you need to do.

Every week my mother and I spend about 90-120 minutes prepping breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I’ll breakdown everything that I am doing and why below.

Almost done! This looks pretty legit!

Almost done! This looks pretty legit!


  • Quinoa- It’s a 1 to 2 ratio of quinoa to water. I clean it then cover in a pot for about 25 minutes until all the water is gone. I put quinoa in my cereal (both cold and hot-oatmeal) or salad. (It adds protein)
  • Smoothie- I wash all fresh produce prep for making smoothies and put them in containers so I can just throw them in the blender, add liquid, protein & the frozen fruit and go. I prep- the greens (kale or spinach), watercress, cilantro or parsley, ginger, lemon, celery & cucumber. (picture below)
  • Potato- I bake about 4-5 potatoes weekly. These are used for potato hash in the morning (with eggs.)


  • Salad – I eat salad everyday for lunch. EVERY SINGLE DAY. Therefore, it’s imperative to have a large salad ready to go.
  • Eggs- As yall know, salad isn’t enough, so boiled eggs are a topping I usually have. I boil about 5 eggs per week and they are either snack food, post workout snacks or I add them to my salad.
  • Produce- I wash and clean all my produce (such as my apples, lemons etc.) It makes it easier to grab and go or grab and chop.


  • Chickpeas- I roast these baby up in the oven. I make a rub with cumin, salt, pepper (and oil.) They get crunchy and, yall, they are soooo tasty.
  • Sweet Potato- I bake about 2 sweet potato with a little cinnamon for some snacky food.


  • Sweet potato- I cut up about 2 -3 into “fry” length. That makes it easy for me to bake ’em throughout the week.
  • Veggies- I cut/dice/slice up veggies for stir fry. This usually includes: garlic, kale, cabbage, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, peppers, etc

    I put the veggies in the mason jar and separate with parchment paper.

    I put the veggies in the mason jar and separate with parchment paper.

That’s a big part of my meal prep. It takes time. I don’t do the prep that you’ve been seeing on facebook like a several gallons of water as detox drinks, breakfast/lunch/dinner prepared for 5 days. I like variety in my foods and in my workouts so this type of prep works for me.

It makes life way easier and less stressful because I know that food is already ready to go, or ready to pop in the oven without spending time cut. Especially coming from a rough work day. PLUS I know I’ll be making healthy decisions.

When it comes to your meal prep here are 3 things to consider and do.

  1. Take time and think about your week ahead. The planning is the most important aspect. (duh, but people still neglect this and end up… well they end up failing.)  You’ll figure out what you have to buy, what days you NEED to have food set for and you can look at your time management.
  2. Are you looking to have meals ready to go? Or are you prepping to have food ready for you to prepare. The latter still requires cooking, but a shorter prep time. While the former means spending hours in the kitchen one day, but  you are grabbing and going for the other days.
  3. Can anyone help you? Meal prepping solo can be a sad, lonely experience. Call up some girlfriends, call up some of your workout buddies, a family member, some guys…whoever and jam out to your favorite tunes while prepping. Times goes much faster and it makes for a great bonding session! 😀
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