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  1. Akilah

    Hi Jordan,
    I am a current college senior and the past few years I’ve been really lax with my eating and workout habits. In highschool I ran track and practiced every single day, since I graduated that completely stopped. I got sooo lazy. Now 50lbs later I’m ready to get back on track and start the new semester of right and end my college career being the best that I possibly can in all areas including fitness. Being that you’re also a student, my question to you is how do I manage to eat right in a atmosphere where everything is fried, quick, fast food? I’m going to go grocery shopping before school starts and I want to pick up some healthy options but they need to be things that 1) I can buy in bulk, 2)aren’t going to take forever for me to prepare, and most importantly 3) things that taste good! Any advice or tips you have for healthy eating and being fit in college would be so helpful for me. Thanks!

    1. Museologie Post author

      I’m actually an ex-student graduated last may, but I think I can still help. At school I realized, like you said there was a bunch of fried food and a whole bunch of carbs. Every meal I had fruit or vegetables. Fruit Usually in the morning, then I would take some to snack on in between classes instead of chips && other unhealthy options. Veggies at lunch && dinner. When I grew up I never ate peas & carrots but sometimes that would be the only option for veggies, so I just got over me not liking them and ate. I had salad at least 85% of the time at school. You could buy frozen fruits and make a smoothie or a fruit salad, frozen veggies are good & healthy too…much better than canned veggies.

      A lot of things aren’t hard to prepare, just lay off pasta & breads at every single meal. When it comes to weight lost, you probably know it is calories in vs calories out. Increase your H20 and reduce your caffeine (coffee & soda intake if you drink those)

      Being healthy & getting back into fitness at school is difficult, but I’m really an advocate of setting little goals and making sure reach them. Then losing the amount of weight you want doesn’t seem to intimidating.

      Let me know if you need any thing else.


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