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Are you in a Workout Rut?


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Hi Muses!

It’s early March and I am so over the gym. In late December I joined LA Fitness. I wanted and needed to join a gym as the weather cooled and as outdoor tennis season came to a close.  Now let me tell you about my LA Fitness… it’s SO stereotypical and it reminds me of gym parodies:

  • Super swole guys always checking everybody out and looking at their muscles
  • Cardio machines are never free
  • Super fit gals going into depth about their carb vs protein, just shuuush 
  • Lots of grunting and unnecessary loud sounds

It was cool for 2 months, now- I am OVER IT ALL.  I started thinking about my days in grad school and why I loved my workouts. I played tennis & basketball, climbed, did yoga, ran and more. Now, I go to the gym to lift and take a step class..dats it. That’s dry and it’s no fun.

I gotta change it. What do I do?

This is what I’m thinking: Take an introductory climbing class and look into memberships at climbing gyms (Philly has a few &  I really miss climbing.) Start playing tennis when the weather warms up- hopefully I can play twice a week. I really have no goals when it comes to lifting, so I can cut my days at the gym back to like 1, maybe 2. Annnnd, I can start hitting the hills and art museum steps again!

My goals for my workouts are simple- get healthier by eating better (reduce gluten and dairy, increase H20) and maintain my fitness levels. I love where I am physically and I am quite content with who I am and how I look.  I know there are a plethora of reasons why people become stagnant and disillusioned with their fitness journey. People don’t realize this happens because you need to switch up what you do. This inforgraphic to my right explore this. Take a look at it and then take a few minutes to re-evaluate what you’re doing and not doing. As the season changes, it is a perfect opportunity to add some variety in your workouts to reach your goals.

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‘Tis The Season

to give? Yup, to be generous, caring and giving, but just now- from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Then you go back to being selfish!

I’ve been quite upset with myself because I haven’t jumped into any volunteer work since I’ve returned home. My home girl in TN (hey Nat <3) constantly posts volunteer opportunities on Facebook. I’m low-key jealous of all that she’s doing. She’s all happy and sharing opportunities that I want to do, ugh (Just kidding, love you!) In South Carolina, I mainly stayed at the tennis center and helped parents/community members with their tennis programs during off hours, or I went to after school programs and taught. But Philly is one of the largest cities and here  I am struggling to figure out exactly what I want to do. I know what I don’t want to do.

I don’t want to volunteer at my the Track & Field ministry. I coached for 2 seasons tumblr_nxk5scPuwL1ql5yr7o1_500before I left for graduate school and I’m over it. I always have this feeling, Are we God-fearing Christian adults who are leading this mass of young athletes, or high school students worried about the wrong things? Since I still have that feeling…. nah. Nope. Not doing it to myself again.

So what do I want to do and why is adding this into my life so crucial and why do I miss it so much?

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Body Shaming Is Still A Thing?

Oh I hadn’t realized it.

Nah I’m totally kidding, I think body shaming is at an all time high. Body shaming is a result of a person saying negative comments about another person’s weight (or size), a negative attitude and, I’d go on to say, negative thoughts too. Body shaming can result in discrimination against those who are considered “overweight” or “obese.”

Body Positive Picture from Tumblr if anybody knows the artist, let me know!

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Be Nice, Kids + Other Bits of Advice

The following did happen, but the exact words, I can’t remember because…hello I’m 25, I’m not 21 and fresh anymore! All names have been changed to protect my kiddies. Leo* is in red, another classmate is in blue & I have the green text (duh.)

You can’t even get the ball over the net! Haha, You can’t play. Yo, Leo- stop we can’t talk like that, you gotta be nice. 

*stops tennis drills* Who just said that? WHO? Oh it was me Ms. Leo you weren’t here on Monday so you didn’t hear the rules, but let me tell you this & understand what I am saying- in this room & when you are with me, you do not speak like that to anyone. In here, we encourage one another, and when you speak, you are nice. Do you understand? Yes. Good. Kia let’s go, two more backhands, ready? Okay FOCUS.

I learned this summer that when you work with kids, especially in that preteen age group, you HAVE to set the ground rules first! The 10-13 age group can be so effin cruel, it has often taken my by surprise what one will say to another. But, you’re the leader, the person who has to hold it down. It took me a few tries to get it right and have confidence in my voice, but I got it.

When I think about this scenario and so many others that I’ve had while coaching, teaching or whenever else I have Rulesworked or volunteered with youth, I realize that what I’m telling them applies to me and my relationships.  As I am working to develop and maintain strong networks, I use basic advice, rules and manners that I tell children.

  1. You respect me, I respect you. I may not like you, but respect is of utmost importance. (When coaching, respect the equipment)
  2. Think before speaking.
  3. Be nice.

So yeah, I use these 3 simple rules- rules you tell a preschool class, but it has worked out well for me. But, how come it’s adults rarely practice what they preach? I’ve seen the most hurtful & inconsiderate behavior coming from peers & colleagues. How can we expect kids to respect one another when we don’t? Somebody bruk it down for me.

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Welcome to the Grind

I have this awesome post coming up about health challenges that I wanted to put out today, but I have been traveling and it’s not quite done yet. SO, plan B is giving you all one of my favorite motivational videos. I found out about this video back in early February, and recently a friend shared it on my Facebook page which is perfect because I had been needing a push these last few days.

First, this video isn’t just for athletes, you know the videos that pertain mainly for aspiring athletes, nah this isn’t that. Second, it’s truly motivational- you listen to it and you’re ready Ready get moving. Ready to revisit that project that was pissing you off. Ready to start tackling something new you’ve been postponing.

Let me start by saying this- I don’t mind spiritual encouragement, trust me, my morning routines includes a devotional that helps gets my day started. BUT sometimes I need a little more, and this video hit that little more aspect.

The music, the narrator, the message… this is a win in all aspects. Power up & start your day.

“… For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way.”

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It’s more mental than physical, right?

I originally planned to title this post Goals and Gains, but as I thought about my goals as they relate to fitness, I have to mentally prepare myself.  My goal this year is to squat 200 pounds. Yup, 200. It looks crazy, it sounds crazy…everything about that goal is so nuts to me. How will I get to that point of lifting 200- that is a huge concern.

First, I made the excuse that I needed spotters. That’s not really true. 
Then, I made the excuse that my course load was too heavy last year.  Kinda true.
Constantly, I say I’m too small to lift that much.  SO untrue. 

Small Person, Heavy Lifter. Beware.

I finally decided to be honest with myself, and realized it was fear. Now, I’m at a point that I really want to get over this hump where I am now (squatting 155 pounds.)  By telling myself that I can reach 200, that released doubt in itself.  By verbalizing how I’m feeling, I now go into every workout with a different mindset.

See, that’s where things are different. My mindset isn’t the same anymore. I plan out so much when it comes to my day and how I run my life, why not start methodically increasing weights and changing my workout plan so that I can get to 200 pounds?

Well I have been doing this, and it has made such a difference, in just 1 week. So yea, workout and get your exercise, but try something that challenges you. Try something makes you use skills that are transferable in other areas of your life.  Not only will it help you reach your fitness goals, but you might just start thinking differently when you are out the gym. Last year I climbed and there were many logic components that lifting and running doesn’t have.  Now, I am going about my lifting methodically. I hope I’ll be able to climb again soon or maybe kayak, ski or camp, but for now I’m doing this. (I associate outdoor recreations with a more mental component, but that’s just me.)

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2015: The Year of Consistency

Yay!!! I have returned!  Guys I am back and I cannot wait to start writing again. So let me do a quick recap.

  • I graduated in December with my Masters of Public Health, the concentration was Physical Activity meaning half of my courses were in the exercise science dept. Remember my undergrad degree was in ex. sci..I’m never leaaaaving!!!
  • I am still swole on tha low tho.  Cross me and your legs may get broken. Nobody crosses me.
  • I am now 25 and 2015 started another, very different, chapter in my life.

My theme this year is consistency. It’s broad and I know this, but I feel like this year I can really set the foundation in many aspects of my life. Therefore, I am aiming to be consistent in my efforts, thoughts, intentions, actions and words all year long. Spiritually, career-wise, in relationships, financially and, of course, physically.  So in addition to having goals and aspirations for this upcoming year, I have a theme. I want to see consistency daily…

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