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Meet Me At The Track

…it’s going dooown .

Hey Guys!! Remember a few posts ago when I explained why I needed to start doing sprint/track HIIT workouts to improve my tennis game? Well I have been doing just that. Real Quick:  HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. Alexis & I did distance intervals, not timed intervals. For instance a 50 m dash, all out -then rest or a low intensity jog. The dash was our sprint interval.

I am going into my 4th week doing sprint workouts and, while in the moment I despise them and it reaffirms that I do not miss track, these workouts have helped with movement on the tennis court. That was the bigger  & more important goal anyway. Alexis is an ex-trackie and hurdler who ran club track at RU and she plans all of our workouts, which are as followed:

Week 1:  8 x 100 repeats. Start at about 60 percent and increase your intensity & speed every 100 meter dash.

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Running in Columbia

BGR group anniversary run .

BGR group anniversary run .

I’ve been working out more and harder than I have in a while.  Monday is lower body. Tuesday I’m in class all day. Wednesday is upper body. Thursday is  my night with BGR  and Friday is core with a little left arm training. I want to do yoga on Sunday or Saturday, but I have to find  class/instructor that fits me. So if you’re in Columbia South Carolina and you know of a place that teaches yoga and offers a good price for Saturday…PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I’m going to be focusing on my Thursday’s activities. I started this past week and I plan on continuing my Thursday runs with Black Girls Run! If you’ve been reading the blog you know that I ran with BGR up in Philly and even though I had a to cut out those 5am meet ups I still tried to get out there as much as my schedule allowed.

Well. I’m set with a group and time (unless I get a job and have to stop going) The place to meetup is literally 1.3 miles away driving so I could technically jog over to meet. My goal is to always do 3 miles. Sometimes I get to 2-2.5 and I’m like okay I’m good here. But I don’t have any app/watch that tracks my distance , so if I’m not running with somebody time is my friend, but wait, my ipod shuffle doesn’t have a clock so usually I rely on how my body feels. That lets me know when I’ve done enough, if I can push myself more and usually I do another 10 mins.

BGR group!  nobody was there to take the shot so this was selfie*5 lol

BGR group!
nobody was there to take the shot so this was a super selfie

Once again I’m the youngest out here for BGR, which seems to always be the case, but being around hard working women who are making time to exercise, but they still have a life/family/friends… it’s very encouraging.

This past Thursday I did 4 miles .ooooops. My pace is (what I was told) between 9-10 mins consistently. That’s cool. right? I’m not sure I don’t care, I just run until I deplete my system.  I am going to miss doing the big chill at RU this year, it was my only and favorite 5K, but I won’t be home, additionally, I don’t have anybody to do it with . . .

So if you’re out here in Columbia, please look into BGR, it’s so awesome and I know they want to grow. The ladies are so supportive and that’s one of my favorite reasons for sticking with BGR! We run. We walk. We jog. We wog.

Get There.

Music While Running? Yay or Nay?!

12/2/12 BGR Morning 4 mile run

12-2-12 BGR Morning 4 mile run w/ my MUSIC!

This Saturday I finally get to do my 5k. I plan on decreasing my time by hopefully 2+ minutes.  Earlier this year, my ipod nano was stolen and I’ve been using my mom’s shuffle when I run ( I use music when I went to the gym too, but I haven’t been in to a gym in months.) I plan on getting an itouch  so I can have access to all the apps and enough storage for all my jams (oh heyyy um… my birthday is in a few weeks soooooo in case you want to get me a itouch would be AWESOMEEE! :p)

(disclaimer: this is really how me & my moma talk to each other-it’s real love over here)

Last night I was telling my mom she can take her raggedy shuffle back because “don’t nobody want that!…but not until I come back from my 5k because I needs that.” She then went on about how *in her mom voice* “I DON’T listen to music when I’m running or working out. It’s not necessary and that’s what’s wrong with the society today!”  okay mom -__-  but I usually do need it. I need music to get me amped up to run, then to keep me motivated while getting my fit on and also to take my mind off of any pain or just to keep my mind busy. It hasn’t been a safety hazard either because I’m not blasting it && if I am outside I am aware of my surroundings.

I read (or learned in school) that distance runners do not run with music because it is a distraction. Since they are so in tuned with their body, they often do not train with music…interesting, but very plausible. I can workout with out music and it is a different experience, but I usually don’t.

Also, the music that I have in my workout playlist is absolutely ratchet. There is no denying it. If you were to listen to my “keep going” music your face would be like O_O but I’m sure you have some tunes that are suspect too!!

Do you listen to music when working out? Why or why not? Any benefits I’m missing out on while listening to music? If you have some favorite songs to workout to let me know! If I get enough I’ll make a playlist that I’ll share!

Get There.

Big Chill 5K Walk/Run

Heyyy!!! How y’all doing? How’s life?

Well remember how I said back in my post about running that I only run/participate in 2 races a year, well the December race is quickly approaching. YAYYY!!  Here’s info about it:

Name: The Big Chill

Where: Rutgers University, College Ave Campus

When: December 8, 2012 at 9am

The Big Chill is a unique charitable event. There is neither a registration fee nor a requirement to raise funds. Instead participants are asked to bring a new toy for a child between the ages of 3 and 14.

Everything about this race is awesome.  Last year there were about 7,000 participants and 8,000 gifts collected. The spirit is completely jovial and positive. This is my fifth year doing it. I loooove it and I really hope anybody in the Tri-State can make it up.  After the race they usually have bagels, fruit and more post-exercise recovery snacks.

I have a team called- Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus. If you do it sign up  under my team! Look for my name: Jordan and sign up with me!

The Big Chill Facebook Event Page

The Big Chill Official RU Page

I really hope to see yall there. I really love the race && how it helps so many.

Why Do You Run?

Seriously yall…why?

BGR Thursday 5:30am meetup

Yesterday morning I went for my weekly 3 mile run. One of the group leaders asked if I was participating in the 10k/Half-Marathon taking place in Trenton (NJ) next month. I told her probably not and she proceeded to tell me how great it would be since BGR is planning to ” take Trenton over” and all of the perks that have been given to BGR. I am sooo sure it’s gonna be awesome. Already over 100+ of the Philly group has signed up and they are pumped about it on facebook. I told her I would think about it and seriously consider it. As I went off on my 3 miles I had a few thoughts milling around in my head: 1- Could I do 6.2 miles? 2-Why am I so opposed to running races? 3- why is running so popular?

1- Yes of course I could do 6.2 miles. I did 5 miles accidentally on Labor Day and I wasn’t dying when I was moving or overly sore the next day. I would pump up my training. 4 miles to start then creep my way up to 4.5, 5, 5.5 and then six miles. that .2 just gotta be heart and soul. (Mind you I’m making up this plan while  running.)  So yea I could accomplish the 10k task.

2- I run for the cardio/aerobic aspect. I like varying my workouts and  this is such a welcome switch from the strength workouts I do.  Would I get any sort of self fulfillment out of completing a race? Naw man. Maybe if I was to win a tennis tournament yes, but a race no…no. Running now is so different from my track days.  I participate in 2 races a year- I run a 5k in Dec. at Rutgers…it’ll be my 5th year, it’s an annual thing and I won’t stop this one unless I’m out the Tri-State area. The second is a 4.5 mile walk/run sponsored by my church. Those are only 2 I participate in.  I’m thinking of a breast cancer event for the upcoming year, but I’m not sure. I’m not opposed to running for “bling”- medals,  I’m just not interested.

3- I have NO IDEA why running is so popular I’m asking yall!! In the last couple of years running, especially in women, has had succch a surge. I’m honestly baffled because running is soo hard on your joint and your body can really suffer. You run on cement (the worst surface) and it does long term harm to your body. I know you can get in shape and feel mentally better and blah blah all that trust me I know. But what about the side effects? What about possible long term damage?

Why I run: 1. Cardio. 2. Clear my mind/self- talk 3. Habit

Why do YOU run? Is it a thrill? A sense of pride or accomplishment when done a race? Let me know, maybe my mind will be less narrow.

Friday’s Fury: I have no Fury

Right now It’s really no fury in me, so I can’t write about a fury 😦

I’ll be bothered next week about something I’m sure. Don’t worry.

This morning I went to the 5:30 meet up with Black Girls Run: Philly.  I got up early about 4:30. Had a breakfast bar, water && sipped gatorade.  At 5am it was already almost 85 degrees && the humidity level was more than 70%.  I did 3 miles, some did more, some less than three. But this felt different than the last time I ran for a few of reasons:

  1. I had my jams with me.
  2. I paced myself from the start.
  3. I had a bad diet day yesterday && really wanted to do this.

Music when working out out especially running has may precautions, the main one being safety. Sometimes I’m good not to have music. I just workout doing other stuff or just really get in-tuned with what’s going on. But this morning my songs definitely helped.

Last time I did the run, I started way toooo fast, caught a cramp at about mile 2. This time I knew how I should be feeling, what to expect. I started at a comfortable pace, knowing if I needed to, I could kick it up in the last 1/2-1/4 mile which is what I ended up doing and it worked fine.

If you’re in the Philadelphia area you really should come out. I know the weekdays are 5:30 am, but your day starts of sooooooooooooooo good. The company is great. You feel good. Your body will like you (maybe.) It’s a win-win-win. [ and if you live in other cities, check to see if BGR is local and head out there]

5:30! I’m with gold-top/black-bottoms.

Get There!


PS: Stay hydrated in this heatwave. Drink at least 64 oz of water, and that’s the minimum.

Black Girls/Women are Running…in Philly!

Hey Folks!

I recently went to the salon to get my hair twisted, the lady doing my hair knew my athletic background && interest in fitness. She suggested that I join/look into Black Girls Run. I had NO idea there was a local chapter. I mean YES of course I’ve heard of BGR, but never ever considered they were local. -_-  So I checked out the website && learned they communicate almost solely via facebook. I joined the Philly group && was very pleased to find how organized && friendly the members were.

Officially I haven’t started running with them at the designated time (I’m still doing my own thing) just because of my schedule && a lot of changes happening, but within the next 2 weeks I plan on starting. They meet all over the city, and although I feel like I’ll be one of the younger members, it’ll be good to meet successful black women dedicating their lives to being more healthy && fit. Maybe….just maybe I’ll finally find a mentor 😀 *wishful thinking*

The next biggest local running event is the Broad Street Run(10 miles) I know it’s a bunch of ladies participating! Best of luck to all!! && for those congregating at Enon tomorrow evening Hiiii!! I hope you like the service. (that’s my church home.) I won’t be there..Enon’s track & field team has our first track meet..I’ll be there all. day. looong.

I’m excited. I hope yall can tell!

See yall later on!

-Get There!