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Are you in a Workout Rut?


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Hi Muses!

It’s early March and I am so over the gym. In late December I joined LA Fitness. I wanted and needed to join a gym as the weather cooled and as outdoor tennis season came to a close.  Now let me tell you about my LA Fitness… it’s SO stereotypical and it reminds me of gym parodies:

  • Super swole guys always checking everybody out and looking at their muscles
  • Cardio machines are never free
  • Super fit gals going into depth about their carb vs protein, just shuuush 
  • Lots of grunting and unnecessary loud sounds

It was cool for 2 months, now- I am OVER IT ALL.  I started thinking about my days in grad school and why I loved my workouts. I played tennis & basketball, climbed, did yoga, ran and more. Now, I go to the gym to lift and take a step class..dats it. That’s dry and it’s no fun.

I gotta change it. What do I do?

This is what I’m thinking: Take an introductory climbing class and look into memberships at climbing gyms (Philly has a few &  I really miss climbing.) Start playing tennis when the weather warms up- hopefully I can play twice a week. I really have no goals when it comes to lifting, so I can cut my days at the gym back to like 1, maybe 2. Annnnd, I can start hitting the hills and art museum steps again!

My goals for my workouts are simple- get healthier by eating better (reduce gluten and dairy, increase H20) and maintain my fitness levels. I love where I am physically and I am quite content with who I am and how I look.  I know there are a plethora of reasons why people become stagnant and disillusioned with their fitness journey. People don’t realize this happens because you need to switch up what you do. This inforgraphic to my right explore this. Take a look at it and then take a few minutes to re-evaluate what you’re doing and not doing. As the season changes, it is a perfect opportunity to add some variety in your workouts to reach your goals.

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Winter Training Tips

Hi Muses!

I am sharing these great training tips from PowerBar Team Elite athlete and American long distance Josh Cox. Josh Cox is a 4-time Olympic Trials Qualifier, 3-time National Team Member and the American Record Holder in the 50k. In 2009 and 2011 his 50k were the fastest in the world.

Additionally, I have a complementary video and some brief tips about nutrition after your workout. Remember these four things when deciding what to eat:

  1. Your goals and the type of workout you do matters. If you want to lose weight vs gaining muscle vs maintaining. Strength vs endurance vs volume training vs cardio.
  2. The building blocks of muscles are protein.
  3. Carbs are the main source of fuel/energy.
  4. Check the nutritional content, beware of high sugar!

Below are the tips. I like and agree with these. Consider these tips when you go outdoors for a workout!

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SWORKIT (Phone App)

A glimpse of the app

If you haven’t read in previous posts, I am not a huge user of apps when it comes to fitness and health. But SworkIt, yo… Sworkit really might have me change my mind. (Simply Work it…. how catchy.)

My mom has been using it for over a year and she loves it. Well, today after work we both needed to get a workout in but

  1. We were short on time (both had to leave about 90 mins after we got in.)
  2. It was Pouring (no hill sprints at Kelly Drive)
  3. Traffic was HORRIBLE (no driving out to the gym)

I got down about 7 minutes before her and did a little work, then she came down and turned SWORKIT on and I did it with her (my first time.) It was only 10 minutes, but it was so great. I added some intensity on my own when necessary (for instance, I doing push-ups instead of the suggested wall push-ups)

With Sworkit, you can customize your workouts. They provide cardio, strength, yoga & stretching. You can adjust your time… so she wants to increase from 10 minutes to 15 minutes, and it goes above 30 minutes. You can check out your progress, they have a HUGE list of exercises and accompanying videos for the exercises. The app can track your calories and you have the ability to customize your own workout. I totally love this jawn!

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Tennis Training

Gotta get low for this one!

Gotta get low for this one!

Tennis is my favorite sport (Yall know this..right?) I love watching it. I love playing it. I love teaching it. After my boss agreed to start giving me lessons, I had to re-evaluate my workout schedule for a few reasons:

  1. It sucks playing tennis when you are super sore from your workout the previous day
  2. I needed to start doing sport specific training, which is very different than my old routine

    I still write everything out

    I still write everything out

So instead of explaining everything I was doing before, I’ll just write about my updated workout. The picture is what I wrote up and what I use as the bases of my workout these days.  Let me explain. Tennis is a sport that requires some endurance- if you have a long match, but most often you are in a rallying fairly quickly (I’d say between 15-30 secs of intense play depending on the skill level.) In between each point you are allowed 25 seconds rest, and on odd number games you have a changeover which is 90 secs max. In between sets the rest break is 2 mins. So my training needs to incorporate that pace…That’s where the HIIT Training comes in. It’s done on a track and it allows me to train closer to how my body would feel in a match. Now I am still keeping my 3-4 mile run once a week with BGR…I need my aerobic system to be working too, I need to be able to handle endurance.

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Jump, Jump (Plyo)

Welcome back! I’m writing all about plyometrics today. Soo, keep reading & learn something new, then add some plyo into your workouts.

What is plyometrics? Better known as plyo is when you are consistently, and quickly stretching and contracting your muscles. Usually this is done with jumping exercises.

Why do plyo? You are doing power training! Also, for the exercise physiology people, when you do plyo, you stress your fast twitch muscle fibers. I find plyo exercises also incorporate balance & possibly coordination (depending on what you’re doing.)

How often such I do this? Plyo is pretty intense, so start with one day a week. Increase to 2 days and if you can handle it, 3 days a week. I would actually venture to say, do a plyo move in your workout routine frequently.

So what about weights, reps & sets? Plyo is very effective with your own body weight, however, you can add some weight to increase the intensity. Weights such as ankle weights, a weighted vest, dumbbells & plates. Reps are between 10-15 for body weight and depending on weight added-less reps. I’ve been sticking with 5  sets and that has been working for me.  Below is a photo of the plyo portion of my workouts. Let me add this: it changes and if you are doing more serious training or sport specific training, then the volume, sets, reps all change and will change frequently. This is really for a Plyo 101 guide.

How do I feel about plyo? Love it. It challenges me, plus it adds variation into the workout. It’s easy to get hurt so start out with one day, 1 jump exercise and gradually increase. There are a ton of exercises and it get’s the job done! It’s great to add in a circuit or HITT session.

3 Plyo Exercises

3 Plyo Exercises


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3 Exercises You Need to Add in Your Workout

Hi all 🙂

I’m giving you three exercises that you could add into your workout to mix it up. I do all these exercises, & you know I wouldn’t guide you to a garden without the goods! I chose these 3 for several reasons

  1. They work for me.
  2. They have worked for people I train.
  3. They target more than 1 muscle, these are compound movements.
  4. You will feel it

Picture from I highly recommend you check out that website.

The first is a Single Arm Shoulder Press with Dumbbells. I really like this one because it makes you use your core more than if you were using a bar or both arms. Primary muscles worked are you Deltoids aka Shoulders. The front part of your shoulders are worked the most, but the other parts of your shoulders are activated also. To a lesser extent, your triceps muscles activated. To stabilize and help the motion, other back muscles are needed too + your core! Do not forget to tighten your core. Check out more info here.


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