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What’s your story?

Hey yall!

There’s a bunch of stories out here regarding the journey to leading a healthy life. I want to start showcasing them here, on my blog.  Usually (in magazines, news stories, talk shows etc) you’ll see the beginning and the end- the transformation. But there’s so much that happens in between- how many times did you fall off and stay off for a few months? Did you not have a support system for a while? Did you reach out to someone like an accountability buddy? What’s your favorite “junk” food that you haven’t lost your taste for..even right in this moment (for me it’s water ice, candy and pizza and hoagies and.. everything. judge me if ya want.)  So yes, I want to hear your story. I want to know where you are in this moment and how you planning to get where you wanna go…what is the journey looking like for you?

But wait, there’s more! If you have succeeded and you have improved your health, tell me about that, too.

Basically, I want to interview people. I’ve already created the questions and have several people in mind. I have skype, g-chat and emails. Guys let’s make this happen! 🙂

If you are interested let me know, or share with your friends/family/social media family so we can connect.

Everybody has a different journey, and your story may be the one that motivates or connects with someone else you don’t even know. Let’s do it!

#GetThere #NewLevels

My New Numbers- update

A few months ago (Sept) I decided to increase my numbers in regards to the weight I use for my lower body workouts. My initial/baseline results are  on this post and also listed below along with my goals

Sooo  here we go:

As of 8/25/13

  • Single Leg Press- 65lbs
  • Double Leg Press- 125 lbs
  • Leg extension/curl- 65 lbs
  • [Back] Deep Squat- 70lbs
  • Lunges & step Ups -w/15lbs in each hand

My goals for December:

  • Single Leg Press- 85lbs
  • Double Leg Press- 180lbs
  • Leg Curl/Extension- 80 lbs
  • Deep Squat- 90 lbs
  • Lunges / step ups- 25 lbs

I have met or exceeded all my goals. I am sooooo happy about that. Additionally, yesterday I got a body fat skin caliper test which is the “gold standard”.  GUESS WHAT MY BODY FAT PERCENTAGE IS?!?!?!?   16.08% which means I’m placed in the lean category.


Go Jordan Go Jordan Go Go!

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Gerber’s Update #1

Morning Yall!

So it’s been about 2 weeks since we first introduced Gerber. Since then I’ve been pretty pleased with her, like really happy.

Last week she added more veggies into her diet in addition to cutting out the dairy.  I learned very quickly that she does not like veggies so this was a challenge for her, but also for me as I tried to find ways to incorporate them into her diet conventionally.  She’s started to add veggies to her smoothies. I suggested

  • salad (salad that has more than just lettuce, throw some spinach, [super food] arugula,  carrots, cucumbers, red cabbage, etc)
  • Stir fry- broccoli, cabbage, swish chard, mushrooms, onions, garlic etc
  • Roasting veggies- make a littlr marinade of EVOO,, pepper, garlic powder and put on veggies then roast in oven. The flavors are soooo rich.

If you all have any more ideas about how Gerb can incorporate veggies (2-6 servings per days) throughout the day PLEASE SHARE!

Here’s a sample workout:

Warm- up: (2 times)

  • 10 jumping jacks  10 modified Jumping jacks
  • Large hips rolls -6 each direction
  • Boxing Shuffles – 30 secs
  • Arm Circles – 8 each directions
  • Lunge Stretch

Workout : R. B = Resistance Band

Chest Fly w/ light dumbbells -10-12

Jack Hammer -10-12

Squat w/  3lbs- 15

Jumping jacks **

Wall Push Ups  5-7

Bent Row- R.B  6-8

Upright Row R.B 6-8

Bicep Curls- R. B. 12-15

Triceps Kick Back-10

Triceps Pulses-15

Bent Row R.B-6-8

Upright Row R.B 6-8

Skaters:  1 Minute

Push Ups- 7-10

Plank 25 secs…2 times

* The jumping jacks 5 regular jacks 10 modified jacks…do these 5 times in a row.*

Remember, Small Daily Improvements are the Key to Staggering Long Term Results. [x]

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Get There.