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2015: The Year of Consistency

Yay!!! I have returned!  Guys I am back and I cannot wait to start writing again. So let me do a quick recap.

  • I graduated in December with my Masters of Public Health, the concentration was Physical Activity meaning half of my courses were in the exercise science dept. Remember my undergrad degree was in ex. sci..I’m never leaaaaving!!!
  • I am still swole on tha low tho.  Cross me and your legs may get broken. Nobody crosses me.
  • I am now 25 and 2015 started another, very different, chapter in my life.

My theme this year is consistency. It’s broad and I know this, but I feel like this year I can really set the foundation in many aspects of my life. Therefore, I am aiming to be consistent in my efforts, thoughts, intentions, actions and words all year long. Spiritually, career-wise, in relationships, financially and, of course, physically.  So in addition to having goals and aspirations for this upcoming year, I have a theme. I want to see consistency daily…

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You and Your Dog: Exercising Together


Fitness expert, Julia Chan has developed a fun circuit of exercises inspired by a dog’s most common movements. Below is a very cool infographic that connects common dog movements so you can exercise better with your pet!

Now I am not a big pet fan, I love fishes,  we really can’t exercise together, but this is GREAT for pet owners. I’ve looked through them and realized that you can really relate human movements with doggie movements!  To all pet owners out there..enjoy! 🙂

Just remember, a warm up and a cool down are vital for a complete workout. Warming up can simply be  a jog to a song or 2 with your dog in toe, and include some static stretches into the cool down. Remember, static stretches are best after you do your workout when your muscles can handle the strain and pull. The older you get, the more you realize how important warming up and cooling down is pre &post workout!

Get There. New Levels

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Accountability For Your Fitness & Health Goals

Hey!  Hi! Hello!

I wanted to invite everyone to join my facebook page for this reason [Refer to Title]. People still ask me for advice and people ALWAYS tell me what they are doing in regards to their diets and workouts as soon as I see them..haha.  I appreciate that, however, a lifestyle change doesn’t happen over night. Having a support system near or far is so important. I love to encourage others, but sometimes you need to hear it from someone who is in your shoes or has been in your shoes.  Even when you reach your goals, sometimes you need a push when trying to figure out what to do next to maintain! WE GOT YOU!

What I am trying to do is build a community where we hold each other accountable. We’re not chastising, bullying, being nosey… none of that.  We tell our goals and keep each other on track, encouraging  & making sure we are trying our best daily.  Each one, Reach one!

It’s not a challenge, it’s a weekly note to your self that you can do this and by putting it out there, know that we are here for you. Your goals can be the same every single week, and if they are…keep working on it!

If you wanna be down, be down! I really want to get more [social media] vocal individuals out and possibly create some buzz.  Please share and feel free to join my facebook page: The Tenth Muse: Fitness Plus – – – Join US!!


Get There. New Levels.



Stay Sippin’ Yall

I had been told since last spring when I lived in Philadelphia that the south is hot. Get ready because the south

I wasn’t.

is soo much hotter. I’ve heard this every week since I started school down in South Carolina in August. Honestly, I’ve been excited about it. What is this south summer like? How different is it from the North’s? *ahh excitement and suspense all through winter.* Well. Let me tell yall, Monday the temperature was 96 degrees and in the words of  comedian Kevin Hart:

I was sooooo HOT, not even humid, just hot! I have heard stories about the heat and the humidity combo in July. Late in the afternoon I went to the wellness center to get a workout in…the usual. Nothing serious, I started with a warm-up jog on the indoor track and headed to the rack to do some squats.  When I say I was sweating bullets after my warm up, that is such an understatement. I was FREAKING parched. No amount of water could quench my thirst AND I was having a little trouble catching my breath. I was soo ashamed of myself. First off, I shouldn’t be in this situation. Secondly, I should know better. I I would just consistently drink water and stop waiting for a sign that maybe I need to drink more.  If I was looking for a sign that was it. The thing is… I had been drinking lots of water, it’s not like I was totally slacking.

A little infographic on the benefits.

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These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I’m channeling my inner von Trapp with the title, but I’m serious. The internet as we all know is filled with tons on tons of data, and it can be a bit overwhelming. I know sometimes I find myself reading through an email which connects me to this article which connects me to this related article and then I’ve been surfing the net for hours…booo. I’ve listed a few of my go to sites that are 100% awesome.


These are a few of my fav-or-ite thiiiings! . . well websites

These are a few of my fav-or-ite thiiiings! . . well websites

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Meal Prep 101

Hi! Welcome to class!
Today’s topic is meal prep, soo lettuce go! [<- yall see what I did there!?]

I. What is meal prep & when to do it?

Meal prep is simply preparation of your food so that you can [more] easily make and get your meals together.  It consists of chopping veggies, knowing what to eat a day or few in advance, making your snacks/ meals ahead of time etc. The things you do for meal prep are usually the tedious and irritating tasks that makes you say forget it, imma just grab lunch from the store. Most often it is done during the weekends because you have more time (if you work M-F) to sit down and figure out what to eat & what to buy for your meals. You can get your chopping and storing  done and you can even cook meals/sides that will last throughout the week.

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New Year, New You?

Every year on social media you’ll hear this phrase “New Year, New Me”  and every yeeeeeeear the same people say it, then these people go into the new year doing the same stuff & are confused and frustrated why this year didn’t provide good fortune & lots of opportunities.

It seems like I’m totally against this phrase and I am not, not in the least. I believe that you can enter the new year and get brand new, but with everything in life- consistency is key. I don’t have the new year new me mentality going on right now, but I know there are several tasks I want to accomplish this year that will definitely help me become a better person.  This post isn’t to provide a checklist or advice.  This is the take home message:



It’s cool to be excited for the new year, it’s great to tell everyone that this upcoming year is YOUR year, but remember that you have to work hard, there will be trials and successes and most importantly, let your actions speak for you! I’m channeling my grandmom with these old timey sayings– “the proof is in the puttin’ ” or “growin up ain’t for sissies” , but they are very true. Expect and demand the most out of yourself.   Everyday work towards improving yourself, your craft, your business, your family or whatever it is you are aiming to do.   

For me, it is New Year, New Work Ethic.. it sounds super wack so I won’t say it again, but check on me throughout the year and see if my actions are speaking for me.  I hope so because I am really putting myself on blast here.  One thing I WILL do is start climbing; that’s a biggie for a fitness goal. I don’t have a nutrition goal yet. If anybody wants to do something together I might be down.  I really want to clear my face up so that’s 100% nutrition related.

Happy 2014 All!   I’m excited about school and life for this new year and I cannot wait to share my health/fitness experiences!  Leave some comments below about your 2014! Be on the lookout for my fitness/health goals of 2014  && recap of 2013 goals!!

Get There. New Levels.