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What do I eat??

Post Run protein shake.

Post Run protein shake.

I realized I get  so many more questions regarding diet related help than fitness related help.  Most people either

  1. Workout and then eat too much.
  2. Workout and have no idea what to eat after.
  3. Eat food they know they don’t need and workout to undo the results.

All wrong people, all wrong. There’s a ton of information out about what to eat AFTER you go out. Nuts, trail mix, yogurt, toast and nut butter are all options. There’s great sites like Nuts.com that offer helpful snack options (see below) as well as a plethora of information sources. I’ll break it down here….

So let’s get started shall we!?

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the Carb Controversy

It’s quite simple. Everything in moderation and you’ll be just fine. With that said I’m done.

But seriously, there should be no controversy with carbohydrates, but with all the different diets and studies all the info provided it can be confusing. Well, I’m going to do my best to break it down:

Let’s start with the basics- carbs are the most important energy source. It’s vital especially for aerobic exercise, but also for high intensity workouts.

Why? Without energy your muscles become fatigued and if you keep training while fatigued serious injury can result.

Who? Everybody needs them everyday especially if do added physical activity.  All athletes & individuals who do vigorous workouts will definitely need to have more carbs.

What foods are carbs?  So many!! The most mentioned are the breads/pastas/ rice/cereals/donuts etc BUT!-fruits, dairy, veggies, beans in addition to those mentioned before are carbs as well. So go and make yourself a fruit salad.

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