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Core Importance

The core is essential to any workout regimen. All athletes, regardless of the sport you play, needs a strong core and even more important, everybody regardless if you’re an athlete or not needs a strong core for activities of daily living.

The core doesn’t consists of just the abdominal muscles. I know that’s a common thought, but it is a myth and I am here to debunk it!  Your abdominal muscles are just one of the many muscles that compose the core. Below are your core muscles:

  • Abdominal Muscles
  • Pelvic/ Hip Muscles
  • Select Chest Muscles
  • Lower Back Muscles
  • Butt Muscles

The core is so important because it is needed for functional movements. These are movements that you use in tasks everyday- lifting, reaching, going up the steps, standing  and many many more. The core is crucial for stabilizing your spine, balance, and having good posture. With a stronger core lower back pain, muscles soreness and injury to the body as a whole is decreased. Athletes have improved performance with a stronger core. One of my clients sings, one of her goals is to strengthen her core because it is affecting her singing…makes sense. When you sing all of your core muscles are activated. Controlling the diaphragm and “singing” from the diaphragm has to happen and that needs a strong core!

This is just a glimpse at why having a strong core is so vital. If you don’t already do core specific exercises, add a few into your workouts. Hopefully you’ll start to notice a difference. I’ve made an effort to add core into my workouts and I can feel the difference!

Eventually I’ll do a video for core exercises, but here is one that you should familiarize yourself with: PLANK!

Everyday plank #plankaday. Start with a time that is low and work up your endurance. Increase in increments of 5 secs.  Proper form in plank is CRUCIAL to activate core muscles.

  • Elbows directly under shoulders.
  • Do not sink you back and butt, if you get tired lift them some do. not. sink.
  • Have your body in as flat, as straight as you can go line.

This picture below is a great pic showing all the muscles that a worked doing a plank and proper form.  This exercise is exemplary.

Plank Form! Muscles worked. Yay for planks!

Get There.


Counter Balance for Better Squat Technique

Hi yall! All my hurricane Sandy people stay indoors && safe.

Squats are so important to have in a workout. By doing squats you strengthen your glutes, hamstring and quads, also, you’re developing  && strengthen your core.  I am a huge fan of squats and the many variations.  The problem I find with people doing squats is the form.   — not keeping the chest up and open — knees coming over the toes — not relaxing (basically any part of the body)  The sitting down aspect is the most important and the most incorrectly done.

A great way to fix form is to have a counterbalance. Why have a counter balance? It shifts the load to reduce pressure in the wrong spots. It helps improves form giving you a better and possibly deeper squat.  You need to counter balance the action of your hip dropping.

I used  3 pound dumb bells and also a 12 pound med ball as my balance.  You start with the weight by your sides – relaxed. Then when you go down into your squat, bring the weight up it should help you sit back into the squat.

Personally: When it comes to sinking my hips down and having proper form in regards to the knees and feet, I’m great, but when it comes to keeping my chest open and elevated, I need work. It was pointed out to me by a friend  who watched a youtube video of mines, ever since then I’ve been making an effort to improve that area to make a better squat.

I hope this helps someone! Please have good squat technique getting injured while exercising is never ever fun!  Squats are a GREAT lower body exercise do not neglect your lower body and ladies It REALLY gives us a natural butt lift and beautifully sculpted legs!

Get There.

Friday’s Fury: Shut up & Squat

Squats can do no wrong. Your lower body will thank you for doing these. Having weights isn’t required. You have your body weight that can easily be enough. You got your full squats, half & quarter squats, curtsey & goblet squat ++ many many more.

The most important aspect when squatting is FORM & Technique. You for sure do not want get injured because your form was incorrect.

  • Knees should be as close to being directly over your ankles as possible. If you can see your toes you’re good, If your knees block the vision of your toes…incorrect.
  • No additional curves in your back, keep it flat.

I tell my clients when they are struggling, put more pressure in your heels & also  think if someone was pulling your hips back. You’ll be off balance at first, but in due time you’ll get it and form will no longer be an issue

Adding squats into any workout routine is beneficial. While watching tv do 3 sets of 15. Up the intensity with some weights or different  type of squat combos.

Just do it, you’ll see results. You’ll like it…or not. But your legs will look good…that’s a fact.

Left: Incorrect:
Right: Correct

Get There!