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Body Weight Workouts

I know I’ve written about this before, but I want to dive a little further into why body weight (BW) workouts are worth adding into your workout routine. Plus, today I’m leaving yall with another Dirty Thirty Thursday workout! (yaaay!)

Body weight exercises are self explanatory- exercises that use your muscle/fat/limbs… OWN WEIGHT as the resistance. There’s many things to like about a BW workout. First and foremost, you don’t need any equipment. You don’t need a gym or car. You don’t need good looking clothes. You just need to do it. – Anytime. Anyplace (no Janet 😛 ) 

Since it’s your body, you are in control. your body usually tells you when you’re doing something incorrectly. For instance if you are continuously squatting with incorrect form, your knees are probably going to give you a quick scream and then a burst of “ OUCH! Ayo what are you doing?!?! I. Am. Hurting!!”

I use BW exercises for novice, young, overweight, elderly and as an active recovery workout for the experience & advance- Also for frequent exercisers who need a change. You can easily adapt for an individual of any fitness level.

Using your body weight wouldn’t help reach your desired intensity, but a with a BW workout you’re not trying to max out or get close to your 1 RM. That is just not going to happen.  BW workouts are good for improving form and flexibility as well. I am very pro- body weight exercises. They work really well for me because I don’t want to get that swole, built, husky look, but I want to do strength training constantly. It’s a win-win.

Sooooo here’s the Dirty Thirty Thursday! Yay Finally! – 6 mins. 12 exercises. No equipment necessary.  I swear I’ll start doing videos one of these days, but for now ask me if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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HIIT at Home – 1

Last Monday during my class, one of the ladies asked when should she start seeing results in her stomach areas. (side note: she’s small, it’s those few stubborn pounds that gotta go) I immediately replied that her diet has got to change. That’s a big issues because she is doing the cardio and core consistently. That  much is true, when it comes to these last few pounds that aren’t budging, YES look at your diet- assess and adjust.  BUT! for the next class I made a HIIT routine that was destined to rev up her metabolism and burn some calories and reduce the size of those fatty cells (because fat cells never go away they just shrink FYI!) – Oh folks, if you are confused about what is HIIT click here!  We love it over here at the Tenth Muse Fitness Plus!

Example of Oblique plank jumps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuKOzSi3Pgg

Short. Quick. Effective.  Let's Frickin Go!

Short. Quick. Effective.
Let’s Frickin Go!

Get There.

“Yes You Have Time For This” Quick Exercise Routine.

  • Jumping jacks- 40
  • Pulsing (up and down) Lunges: 16-20 per leg
  • Push-ups: 15-20
  • Wall Sits-one Minute-90 Secs
  • Plank: 45 secs-80 secs
  • Bicycle crunches no arms: 45 secs- one minute

Do two to three sets.

Stretch in the beginning. Stretch at the end.

Eat Nutritiously. Drink Water. Feel Great. Enjoy life.

Get There. The Tenth Muse

Exercising with Resistance Bands

I’ve grown, very quickly, to love resistance bands. I’ve incorporated them with my clients and for my own routines. At first I rarely used them even though I had them, but I now realize the value of them. I’m just going to explain a few reasons why I recommend purchasing one.

  • You can set up a resistance band anywhere. Hook it in between your closet hinges, go outside and use a fence, step on it anywhere and get some resistance.
  • Little explanation on how to use them. You chose the resistance because you are in control of the resistance! Yes you can control machine & free weights, but this is a fool proof way to keep you safe. Up the ante if you want, lessen the ante if you want. Move closer to get less resistance and step farther way to get more. As long as your technique is good there is little else to worry about. (maybe in the beginning you may fumble with how to use them, but you’ll catch on quick. I promise!!)
  • They could be expensive, but I’ve seen resistance bands that are around $12.  You could go to a superstore like Targert or a sporting goods store and find one.
  • You work out every muscle. Honestly! You can get a full session in using this band for everything: Upper body muscles, Lower body muscles and even your abs && core.
  • Good for college students (although most colleges have their on recreation center for your use for free) GREAT for parents-mothers & fathers alike. Great if you are short on time, but you want to have a moderate-vigorous workout. Awesome for athletes and non-athletes. Great for workers who are often traveling. They are easy to pack & carry. Overall they are just great & I suggest buying one and using it! haha. don’t let let collect dust!

People sleep on resistance bands because they’re not dumb bells and that visible weight, but because you are using your own weight, you are adding variety to your workout therefore confusing your muscles so you won’t hit your plateau and for any fitness level they can easily be used. Great way to add 10 minutes of exercise into your life. Start at 10 minutes & who knows you might get to an hour!! Hey I’m just saying!! 🙂

I am thinking about making a (video) workout routine using resistance bands. I’m not sure yet, if you really would like to see one please let me know I’d definitely do one then.

It was fun. outside. except for those mosquitoes. but still good & quick

Get There.

Saturday’s Suggestion: Add Calisthenics

I never realized how important calisthenics were. I never realized how often I incorporate them into my fitness routines for myself and my clients. I never realized how often I suggest to do calisthenics. Well that’s because I never knew the definition of calisthenics.

Calisthenics- Exercises usually done without equipment, often simple yet rhythmical used to increase body strength and flexibility. Body weight is the “resistance”

Let me throw out some of these calisthenic exercises:

  • Lunges (my fav ♥)
  • Dips (I am not a fan)
  • Sit ups/ Push Ups/ Chin Ups/Pull Ups
  • Squats ( my fav toooo ♥)
  • Mountain Climbers ( these are awesome)
  • Jumping Jacks

Just to name a few.

These exercises can be done ANYWHERE! In your bedroom, living room, out in a park, at a gym etc. Many people avoid going the gym for various reasons, others would rather workout at home  which is completely understandable! I love to workout at home so let me give you a suggestion of a quick workout:  8-15 reps of the dips/squats/lunges (per leg) /pushups. For the jumping jacks…DO THESE FIRST: 35-50. For the sit-ups- try to get 20. Mountain Climbers-15 each leg  If you can do the chin or pull-ups do as many as you can!!!

That’s one set: do 2-3 sets.

Yes you can use weight to challenge yourself and bump up the intensity.Also,adjust the reps, if you’re an amateur athlete and can do more, do more. If you know you aren’t capable of doing 20 sit-ups..aim for 7-10.

BUT I’m really serious…this post is over. So just turn some music on and do this workout right now!!! There is absolutely no reason you have to NOT do it!

Anybody else a fan of calisthenics? Talk to me!




Tuck your feet under your couch and go.


Friday’s Fury: Shut up & Squat

Squats can do no wrong. Your lower body will thank you for doing these. Having weights isn’t required. You have your body weight that can easily be enough. You got your full squats, half & quarter squats, curtsey & goblet squat ++ many many more.

The most important aspect when squatting is FORM & Technique. You for sure do not want get injured because your form was incorrect.

  • Knees should be as close to being directly over your ankles as possible. If you can see your toes you’re good, If your knees block the vision of your toes…incorrect.
  • No additional curves in your back, keep it flat.

I tell my clients when they are struggling, put more pressure in your heels & also  think if someone was pulling your hips back. You’ll be off balance at first, but in due time you’ll get it and form will no longer be an issue

Adding squats into any workout routine is beneficial. While watching tv do 3 sets of 15. Up the intensity with some weights or different  type of squat combos.

Just do it, you’ll see results. You’ll like it…or not. But your legs will look good…that’s a fact.

Left: Incorrect:
Right: Correct

Get There!