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It is a big deal that Sharapova was doping.

Sharapova rocking a Nike outfit. Nike is distancing themselves after news broke that she failed a drug test.

Yesterday while at work, my sister informed me that Sharapova failed a doping test at the 2016 Australian Open. Now, some of y’all may have heard about the story and thought that it wasn’t a big deal, well it is.

From the jump, my first reaction was All them drugs, and she still couldn’t beat Serena. I mean, who isn’t thinking that?  But on a serious note,  I loathe- I absolutely hate athletes that abuse ergogenic aids to get a unfair advantage in their competition. This stems back to my days as a competitive (tennis) athlete when someone clearly lied about a line call. I didn’t know the word back then, but I was pissed. [Not using illegal substances, but still lying.]  A bad call usually resulted in me getting infuriated, then whopping their ass: Game. Set. Match – Muse.  As a professional athlete, it is your job to know about illegal steroid or ergogenic aid usage.  Okay fine, you might not  be doing the research that you need to, but you have trainers and coaches that are there to support you, and ensuring that you’re not doping is or should be a key duty! I know rules change frequently in terms of what is legal, what dosage is allowed, etc, but you are supposed to know this- this is your job.

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A Tennis Haul!

Yoooooo! Guys!

I’m back to playing tennis again.  Like yall don’t understand I’m back for real for real. I’m getting coached and everything. My next blog post will highlight changes to my workout, but now I want to show off what I bought. (Today is a rest day.)

See this joy?

See this joy?

I have used and LOVE the Wilson Pro neon colored over grips, but everywhere I have checked in Columbia they don’t have them so I’m trying 2 Gamma overgrips.  One is the “Neon Tac” which comes in 3 super bright colors they feel okay.

The package says 4/5 for Tacky and 3/5 for absorbent. The other Gamma over grips are called “Supreme”- 3/5 for Tacky and 4/5 for moisture. absorbency. I’ll have to see which grips work best for me.

So last night I’m in Academy Sports + Outdoors to get the grips, right? I take a stroll back to the footwear department to see if they had any tennis sneaks and any that weren’t OD expensive. They had quite a few & then I saw that the Asics were on sale! I had a little debate with myself in the

Looking Nice

Looking Nice

aisle….alone, before deciding that I’d buy them. I purchased the Gel Solution Slam tennis shoe. Online has great reviews, and I can finally let my running sneaks be running sneaks & my cross training sneaks be for cross training! Yes! (I also LOVE Ascis)

Tomorrow I’ll be out with my coach hitting again, but in the mean time I just re-gripped my rackets. I have 2 Head LiquidMetal Radical

Any other tennis equipment I should be on the lookout for?? Anybody play tennis? I love love LOVE tennis. If you take away anything from this post, know that!

#GetThere #NewLevels

PS I’m beasty on the courts. You’ve been warned